Careers Worth Discovering - starting a career with impact

Careers Worth Discovering - starting a career with impact

Wednesday, 18th of October

Careers Worth Discovering - starting a career with impact

Whatever stage you are at in your education or career, it’s never too early to start thinking about opportunities for the future.  At Lloyds Banking Group, we think it’s important to reflect on what your strengths are, what you’re passionate about and what really matters to you in career – whether that’s being challenged, progressing quickly or making an impact in the world. This will help you make career choices that best fit you.

Lloyds Banking Group is on a journey to becoming a bank of the future. We’re seeking innovative and inquisitive people who’ll help us test new ways of doing things and make a positive impact on the millions of customers, businesses and communities we serve every day. We offer 11 different Graduate Leadership Programmes and 10 Internships across all areas of our organisation. We accept a 2:2 degree or above in any discipline from any university, and we’re looking for all individuals – from coders to yoga bunnies and social butterflies too.

Top tips

Nick, who joined our HR Graduate Leadership Programme in September, shares his top tips for successful applications:

  • “Really think about what motivates you in your everyday life and how you could search for and develop that in a career.  Lloyds Banking Group are looking for people who will bring their passion and individual flair to work and use their unique interests to help our business and Britain prosper.”
  • “Be yourself when applying to any role, not who you think the organization wants you to be – authenticity will pay off, because it will ultimately mean that you’ll end up in a role that’s best suited to you and ensure that your employer also has the right person for the job.”
  • “Do your research! The more you know about the organisation and the industry you apply to, the better you will fare throughout the assessment process”

You can discover more application hints and about our Graduate and Intern opportunities at

Events – chat to our current Graduates and former Interns

If you’re interested in asking our graduates and interns questions,  and learning about what life is like on our programmes, join our online Q&A events on 2nd November and 9th November. Register for these events to secure your place via the events section on our Facebook page @DiscoverWhatMatters.


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