Tackling Christmas Leftovers Recipies

Tackling Christmas Leftovers Recipies

Wednesday, 27th of December

Let's face it - whether your Christmas Day table seats 2 or 20 people, there are always leftovers. And these should never be wasted! Save yourself the effort and money by using what's left to make a delicious meal for your friends and family in coming days. 

And you're in luck - we have recommended the best ways to reuse the leftovers on a student budget, from the simple to the complex depending on your culinary skills. 

Why not invite your friends over for a meal between Christmas and New Year and carry on the celebrations?

1. The Sharer

This dish is amazing for sharing, and takes 10 minutes to prepare. And let's be honest, it sounds divine!

Serves 4, 50 minute cook time

See recipe here.

2. The Classic

Put your leftover everything in one pot and don't worry about a thing. By far the cheapest way of tackling the post-Christmas meal and it actually looks like you put effort in! 

Serves 4, 25 minute cook time

See recipe here. 

3. The Vegetarian

Who said vegetables had to be boring? You're bound to have leftovers, and by glazing them you have the best snack to have in front of a movie!

Serves 10, 10 minute cook time

Get recipe here.

4. The Vegan

Just because Christmas is over doesn't mean the party has to be! Have friends over and share around these pizza pots! 

35 minute cook time

See the recipe here.

5. The Winner.

If there is any chance you would have leftover cheeses from Christmas (?!) then here is exactly how to use them up. 

Serves 6, 20 minute cooking time

See recipe here. 

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