Christmas: On a budget

Christmas: On a budget

Tuesday, 12th of December

If you are or have been a student, you will almost certainly be familiar with the low-budget lifestyle, which can be particularly difficult around the festive season – presents, decorations and party merch aren’t going to buy themselves. But nonetheless, Christmas is something to be celebrated, and we are bringing to you our finest advice for how to get involved with festivities without blowing the cash.

Come together. After all, Christmas is a time to share with the family and friends, and university peeps are no excuse. Get your group together and split the cost of the alcohol, food and so on – a cost problem shared is quite literally a cost problem halved.

Plan ahead. We all love spoiling our loved ones at Christmas and splashing out on them. However unfortunately, a student budget doesn’t always allow this to happen. Instead, plan ahead and work out how much you will spend on each person, and stick to it. Your friends and family will understand and will appreciate whatever you get them!

Make down-time fun. It’s difficult to go out all the time and spend money in the pub, out for dinner or doing other exciting festive activities, however sometimes it’s equally just as fun doing something a little more low-key like watching Elf (!!!!) with a bottle of beer or hot chocolate and your friends.

Secret Santa. What better way of getting your friends presents than jumping on the old Secret Santa bandwagon? You can set a theme, a maximum spend and maybe throw a party or dinner as a time to exchange gifts. Gift giving the right way – even if everyone guesses/tells who has who in under 10 mins (it’s only normal).

NUS/Unidays. These discounts will not only cover your gifts this year, but also will have amazing deals on finding outfits and other treats for yourself – check out the current discounts that are on and be wise with your pennies!

Poundland. The almighty Poundland has saved us all at times, and for that must be recognised within the retail industry as a key player. Want a Christmas tree and decorations? Or a Christmas fancy dress costume? Or an advent calendar? You won’t find cheaper. You may find better quality, but you won’t find cheaper – and what’s the priority right now?

Think of others. Christmas is all about giving. But it’s easy to forget about those outside of our family and friend circle, and who are less fortunate than us. Give to a food bank, participate in a fundraiser event or charity afternoon, or simply stick on a Christmas Jumper and donate a few pounds to a greater cause.

Embrace your inner child. Sometimes ‘adulting’ is just not that fun – Christmas is an excuse to embrace and acknowledge the tack. Get yourself that advent calendar, watch all the festive films (whilst crying and laughing appropriately), and get the cutest Christmas jumper you can find. Haters gon’ hate.

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