Committee Of The Month: Leicester Bright Futures

Committee Of The Month: Leicester Bright Futures

Tuesday, 20th of November

Leicester Bright Futures Committee have blown it out of the water recently, and to celebrate this, we are shouting it from the rooftops! The Committee have shown outstanding commitment, creativity, and most importantly, teamwork to achieve what they have so far this year. Let us talk you through it...

Who are Leicester Bright Futures?

We are a group of friends who share a common goal, this year we hope to host a few events that promote diversity and inclusion within Leicester whilst also introducing our students to companies who they would like to work for, and demystifying the processes into to getting internships and opportunities to join these companies. We believe that we can broaden the horizons of student of Leicester and bring more students closer to reaching their dream roles.” – Ebenezer Okesade, President of Leicester Bright Futures

Meet the Committee!

My name is Ebenezer, and I am the 2018/2019 President of Bright Futures Leicester.

I help to facilitate our events here at Leicester University, and help motivate our team to ensure we deliver the best job possible!

I study Law with a year abroad, and spent 9 months prior to this in the beautiful Singapore, traveling around south east Asia, and am currently trying to learn Mandarin.

Say hi if you see me J

Hi, I’m Rochelle, and I am the Treasurer of Bright Futures Leicester 18/19. I’m here to manage all things finance in our team!

Hey! I am Rida, and I’ve been the Secretary for past two years on our Bright Futures Committee, and it has been one of the most exciting and challenging roles. Being part of the Committee has helped me learn a great deal and I believe it would definitely help me with my future.

My name is Bridget and I am the Co-Marketing Manager for Leicester Bright Futures. My job includes updating social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about our upcoming events. It is my co responsibility along with Tiffany to keep students in the know about our upcoming events. As part of the marketing team we ensure that our events reach as many students as possible.

Their impressive moment

Leicester Bright Futures have been awarded Committee of the Month as they have demonstrated how working together can result in great events.  They all go above and beyond their role and work together to promote events.  The President, Ebenezer, leads the team well ensuring they are all feeling they have a part to play.  The Committee are also in constant communication with each other and motivating when they are promoting events, this is on top of weekly meetings they organise.  Over October, they came up with innovative ideas to promote all their events and have also thought on their feet and were proactive when one of their events was rearranged.  The Committee also have a fantastic relationship with the MyKindaFuture Universities Team, keeping them up to date with how the society is progressing and asking for support when needed.  Well done team Leicester, keep up the good work!

Highlight of the year so far

“We unfortunately had one of events cancelled with Civil Service to issues out of our control, instead of throwing in the total, the committee and I came together and proposed a ‘Meet The Committee Social’ with pizzas and drinks, to engage and see what Leicester students wanted to see for this year. It had a really good turnout and in such an intimate setting I was able to plan effectively for this year so we turned a loss to a win!” – Ebenezer  

“Highlight of the year so far is doing our first meet and greet. It was a great turnout and it was nice to see loads of people interested in getting involved in our society.” – Rochelle

“For me highlight is seeing everyone work together as a team and also winning committee of the month definitely gave us sense of an achievement.” – Rida

“The moment that I am really proud of so far is our Meet and Greet event. As I am new to the team, it was really great to experience an event that we had carefully planned for so long come to life as a success! It was fun to mingle with other students and find out more about them and how we can help them as a Society!” – Bridget 

What have they learned so far this year?

Social Media does help, but face to face engagement works best, don’t be deceived by the numbers and really try to engage with your student population. To ensure your events do well. – Ebenezer

Learning curves so far have been being able to adapt quickly to changing scenarios. Even with planning you just never know what will happen on the day- this has definitely been a learning curve.Rochelle

Working as a team is the most important thing! Also, every event is important so it’s important to focus on every single one of them as an individual event. Certain set backs or failures (e.g. low turnout for a event) for one event should not impact the other and always have positive outlook. – Rida

“For me, I have learnt the value of communication and working as a team. Although we have our individual roles we still help each other out as much as we can. For example, if I have a deadline someone else will take over social media for me on that day.” – Bridget 

What else do they have planned?

Make sure you're registered to attend their KPMG Application Bootcamp Workshop on campus this Thursday, 4-6pm! Click here to see full event details, and to register! (Spaces fill up fast for this so act quick to avoid disappointment.)

Well done, Leicester Bright Futures Committee Team!


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