Contact young people at brands you want to work for with Digital Mentors

Contact young people at brands you want to work for with Digital Mentors

Tuesday, 10th of May

Contact young people at brands you want to work for with Digital Mentors

You know when you want to know what life is really like at a company but the ‘About Us’ page doesn’t give you all the answers? Well, we have the solution. Our brand new Digital Mentors Scheme let’s you get help with your application or ask questions about a role as you make your mind up whether or not to apply. This is a unique opportunity to gain genuine insight into a company from those who know the brand and its application process best.

The scheme came about after MyKindaFuture joined forces with First Place Mentors, who have connected hundreds of job-hunters with graduate ‘mentors’. A graduate mentor is a graduate who’s recently got a job and is on hand to answer any questions you have about the role or the company. The good news is that since MKF and FPM united, you can now ask questions of a whole range of young people who’ve secured jobs like the one you want. There are apprentices, internship students and graduates who’ve been trained as mentors and are waiting to help you. You can ask them anything and everything – from how to impress in the interview, to what to order in the canteen. No question is too obvious or silly. The chance to learn from those with fresh first-hand experience gives you a real advantage in the application process – read Hannah’s story to hear how.

Hannah Pether (below) used the Digital Mentoring Service to connect with Marketing professionals at IBM. She is now the company's European Recruitment Marketing Coordinator. She said the face-to-face contact was integral to her success.

Hannah told us: "When applying for a placement, I used a mentor to help me gain insight and a better understanding of IBM. Firstly I searched the list of mentors to see which one had the most relevant experience to help me. I chose a mentor who worked in Marketing and connected with them through the site, within a few hours I received a reply. We continued swapping emails and I was able to find out a lot about the company and the role itself. Thanks to my mentor’s guidance and advice I was successful in my application and was offered a job to start in the summer of 2015.

"To hear that First Place Mentors has now partnered with MyKindaFuture is really exciting. To have such a useful tool now included into the MyKindaFuture website means that there are even more ways students like myself can get help. I would encourage all students looking for roles, be it apprenticeships, placement schemes or grad schemes, to use the mentoring offered as it really does help you stand out from the rest and be successful."

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