Continuing to build your resilience

Continuing to build your resilience

Wednesday, 24th of February

Continuing to build your resilience

So on our last blog about resilience, you learnt strategies 1 to 5 on how to be that more resilient version of yourself. I bet you’ve all been at the edge your seats, consistently refreshing our help and advice page to find out what strategies 6 to 10 are. Don’t worry, the wait is over!

Throw back to a week ago, strategies 1 to 5 to resilience were:

  • Take a journey of self-discovery
  • See the glass half-full
  • Take emotional control
  • Change for the better
  • Cope well with conflict

6. Embrace probortunities

Problems are to the mind what exercise is to the muscles, they toughen and make you strong.

How to turn problems into opportunities:

  • Be positive and view your problems as opportunities
  • Identify and understand each problems
  • Be creative and explore a range of options
  • Determine your goal to help you select your solution

7. Look after yourself

Your health is your wealth

How to be healthier:

  • Refuse the snooze on your alarm
  • Buy a pedometer and walk 10,000 steps a day
  • Reduce caffeine, refined sugar and carbs
  • Reduce alcohol and drink more water
  • Build in relaxation time for yourself everyday

8. Make positive connections

Remember, we all stumble, everyone one of us. That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand.

How to build better relationships:

  • When you feel low make an effort to connect with others
  • Appreciate and accept people for who they are
  • Cultivate and nurture your friendships
  • Be open to exploring and making new connections

9. Let go of the past and keep going

If you are going through hell, keep going.

How to keep going

  • Take personal responsibility for your responses
  • Learn to let go of the baggage from your past
  • Explore healthy coping mechanisms
  • Develop an attitude of gratitude

10. Create a personal vision.

Vision without execution is hallucination.

How to achieve your goals:

  • Decide what is really important
  • Use the SMART acronym to set goals
  • Believe in yourself and your ability to make positive things happen!

We hope that these two blogs have helped you to make a few easy changes and have enabled you to be more resilient in your day to day life. Always remember, practise makes perfect!


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