Could you find a business idea in song lyrics?

Could you find a business idea in song lyrics?

Monday, 9th of September

Could you find a business idea in song lyrics?
Have you entered our challenge with Bright Ideas Trust yet? Bright Ideas Trust is a charity that helps young people start their own company, and learn business skills that will stay with them for life. 
We thought we’d share with you Daryl Dike’s business; Dope Boy Fresh, which has been helped by Bright Ideas Trust. Daryl has a level 2 achievement in Youth Work and has been a Community Outreach Officer for the last few years. He has always had the urge to work for himself, and after attending a Business Box course provided by Bright Ideas Trust, he decided to turn this urge into a reality. And why not?!
Daryl receives great support from his Bright Ideas business mentor Stephan Eyeson. Stephen has access to a pool of sector specific business specialists. Daryl says, since pitching his business idea to Bright Ideas Trust, the business process has been epic! 
So what is Dope Boy Fresh? Dope Boy Fresh is a London based life style brand that infuses and translates the modern UK urban street culture, to create bespoke items of clothing and other cool products.
Daryl came up with his brand name through the Jay Z song ‘Jockin’ Jay Z’ in which he raps ‘I’m so dope boy fresh’. Once Daryl heard this lyric, there was no doubt in his mind that it suited his style and the brand style he hoped to create through his business.
Daryl’s  advice to anyone starting up: Originality is always best but there is nothing wrong in recycling a good idea as long as you put your own twist on it – it worked the first time because it was a good idea. In the future, Daryl hopes Dope Boy Fresh will be trading globally!
So remember, inspiration is everywhere! 
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