Creative ways to reduce waste

Creative ways to reduce waste

Friday, 29th of January

“Despite the growing demand, just 5% of plastics are recycled effectively, while 40% end up in landfill and a third in fragile ecosystems such as the world’s oceans.” 

Whilst these statistics are shocking, Nestlé have managed to reach significant targets to reduce waste in their own factories. 
Nestlé’s latest online challenge is all about waste, so we would like to get you thinking about how you can reduce waste too! Waste doesn’t always have to be packaging such as plastic and cardboard, it can also be water, fabric and even pollution. If everyone made a few small changes in their daily lives, together we could make a big impact. Here we’ve listed some solutions for you to try:
Problem: Fast fashion- we need to use what we have rather than wasting more water, more chemicals and more resources to produce even more clothes!
Solution: Buy second hand or from a charity shop- this can be great fun searching for gems, and you might even find a designer bargain! 
Problem: Eating meat- the meat industry massively contributes to pollution, water waste and deforestation. 
Problem: Too much packaging!
Solution: Buy fresh, and recycle any packaging you do have. (Stay tuned for the next blog with ideas on how to turn your rubbish into something new.) 
Problem: Wasted journeys- so many of us jump in the car for a short journey instead of planning ahead.
Solution: Use public transport, ride a bike on those shorter journeys and if you have to use a car, plan ahead and car share. 
Give one or all of these a go, and see what difference you can make. You can also get involved with our online challenge with Nestlé. Create a sustainable, environmentally friendly product made solely from factory waste for your chance to win a place on a Nestlé Finale Day! Enter here.


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