Culture and The Corporate World

Culture and The Corporate World

Thursday, 15th of February

The “corporate world” often has a reputation for being old-fashioned and stifling – but these perceptions are less true now than ever before. Whilst there are certainly certain industries and companies that may choose to do things in a more rigid way, you’ll now be able to find a breadth of opportunities that offer a relaxed corporate culture with ample opportunity for agile working and jeans-wearing that have rendered traditional workspaces a thing of the past. 

At Lloyds Banking Group, we are proud of the agile and flexible working culture that we’ve developed. In most roles, there is now ample possibility for you to agree flexible working arrangements (such as days where you only work from home) without feeling left behind or cut off from your peers – in fact, most of us do it from time to time! You’ll also find opportunities to venture into new ways of working, using agile methodology that is a far cry from hours-long meetings and phone calls. When added together, these individual components create a culture at Lloyds Banking Group that is relaxed, friendly, and non-competitive – the near opposite of the standard perception of the financial services industry. 

Ashlyn, a graduate on our Transformation programme, reflects on her experiences of agile working and corporate culture – 

“[Lloyds Banking Group] is a really open, relaxed environment where everyone has been very welcoming and helpful. Everyone is keen to see you grow and develop in your career, and tries to help in any way possible…  With keeping it simple being a key value, everyone supports the agile way of working, allowing you to gain insight into innovations such as SCRUM, systems thinking and other agile methods and mindsets.” 

Whether you come from a financial degree background or not, there is a place for everyone at Lloyds Banking Group… discover what matters to you in a career and apply to join one of our graduate programmes or internships today!  


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