CV and cover letter tips!

CV and cover letter tips!

Thursday, 25th of February

When you first write your CV or cover letter it can be a frustrating experience. Presented to you is a blank page and you are expected to write a master piece about yourself, aiming to capture the attention of anyone reading it within 8 seconds! – (according to a study carried out by the National Citizen Service) We’ve managed to get inside knowledge at HSBC what they are looking for in your CV when applying for the Inspire and Aspire programme.



Remember, there is not one set way of how to write a CV as every recruiter looks for different things. Use your common sense, do your research and read any specific requirements for the application to ensure your CV is appropriate for each role.


5 top tips for your cover letter:

1)  If there is a word count- stick to it!

2) Do your research. The company want to see you are interested in their company and that specific role.

3) As a general rule include ‘Why that company’, ‘Why that role’ and ‘What can you bring to the role’.

4) Check grammar and spelling!

5) Be clever- make the employer want to meet you in person.


Good luck with your applications! 

Find out more about our work with HSBC here.



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