December Event of the Month: Southampton Bright Futures & Deloitte

December Event of the Month: Southampton Bright Futures & Deloitte

Friday, 21st of December

Southampton Bright Futures - you are the winners! How does it feel to have reached this level of royalty? Fabulous? We thought so. Let's find out what it is you did to achieve such a title...

Why are we so impressed?


"The Committee at Southampton Bright Futures work well together which is why they are deserving of event of the month.  As a team they put together a marketing plan, ensuring each committee member had a task to complete, not only was this successful it also did not leave marketing down to 1 or 2 people in the Committee.  Through the Committee's successful marketing they managed to gain good attendance at their event with only a 26% dropout rate, which in a difficult term is fantastic!  Well done team Southampton, well deserved Event of the Month." - Khadijah, Bright Futures Societies Manager

What was the event?

The Insight into Deloitte workshop was aimed at connecting students with one of the Big Four. This was done through an interactive workshop that included a presentation of the undergraduate and graduate opportunities at Deloitte. It also involved using the Curiosity Maze – the fun bit – to challenge students' problem solving skills whilst also giving them a taste of what it takes to be successful in a career at Deloitte.

Where and when?

The event was organised on the main campus in an easily reachable building right next to the library which made it easy for people to find. The date and time were also chosen such that as many people as possible could attend – Thursday 8th November, 6:30-8:30pm. Thursday was chosen in particular because that is when most deadlines are at Southampton, which means people should already have submitted their work and are free to attend. Also, this should not clash with any sports events or going out plans. 


One Deloitte representative and one MKF representatives attended the event. In total, 29 students were present. Students found out about the event either from the Southampton Bright Futures connectr website, Facebook, Eventbrite or the careers events calendar available on the university intranet.

We also had a representation of 65% female attendees, 52% were in their final year, and we had a span of 9 degree backgrounds present. 


We tried to target an audience as diverse as possible. For that, we contacted a number of societies (Indian, Estonian, Women in Business, Mathematics, Economics etc). We also promoted the event through the Careers Service, but the main focus was on promoting the event on Facebook which proved to be really successful with 66 people responding to our event and a reach of 740 people. 

President's word:

"The event has been a great introduction to what Deloitte does and we particularly appreciated the interactive aspect of it. We’re looking forward to collaborating with them in the future and we hope that the students attending found it useful for their applications to Deloitte and/or other companies." - Ioana Nesteriuc, President of Southampton Bright Futures


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