Disappointing Exam Results? 4 Ways to Make Your Comeback

Disappointing Exam Results? 4 Ways to Make Your Comeback

Friday, 1st of February

So, your exam results are coming in. And they are not what you hoped. What’s more, you promised yourself that 2019 was going to be your year. Yet we are barely out of January and things aren’t going your way. To help you get your year back on track, we have put together 4 tips on how to bounce-back from this. Let’s keep the good vibes up, even when everything else is seemingly going down the toilet.

The Don’ts


  • Don’t personalise your grades. Meaning, don’t convince yourself you didn’t get the grade you wanted because you were never capable of achieving it. This is not true and a disappointing grade does not mean you aren't cut out for the job. You just didn't quite meet the mark in this instance - but there is always time for other chances, and everyone needs a setback to motivate you for the straight and narrow.  The key is to learn from your mistakes, but that comes in stage 3. You can't break a few eggs...


  • As much as we would like to, bad things aren't going to go away if we ignore them for long enough. Instead, they become this green monster which seems 10x bigger when you eventually accept the inevitable. And that's going to go down like fart in a lift. Honestly, hands up if you are guilty of saying ‘I don’t really care, I hardly tried’ or ‘I didn’t really want it' after bad news? Don’t do this. Sure, facing up will be painful. But that pain will help you understand how badly you wanted these grades, and will condition you to learn from it. On the other hand, if you put in 100% effort (and you know in your heart of hearts you did), what more can be done? It is what it is, and next time will only be better.

The Do's


  • Firstly, ask yourself these questions: ‘what are the reasons I didn’t get the grades I wanted?’ ‘Are these reasons within in my control?’ 'What more could I have done to change the outcome?' You can lie to your parents/friends/lecturers/dog. You can't lie to yourself - you know the deep-down truth. And although there is no such thing as perfect, you will know where you could have improved (did you really need to go to the pub that night? Or what about those 2 days you had 'off' from revising? Yeah, I think we're on the same page now...) If you genuinely put your all in, then give yourself a pat on the back anyway, and go and speak to your academics. Find out where you can improve, from someone who knows - they are there to help! The more curious you can be, the better.



  • Next, write these mistakes down. Then brainstorm solutions. This will be your plan on how to bring your A game to the next exam. This way, when the stress for the next assignment season, it won't be a new fresh hell (or a repeated one at least), but a new you with a new gameplan. It will stop you falling into old habits, are kicking in, you won’t fall into old habits (like binge watching Netflix) and can refer to your Master Plan for inspo. A mistake can always be rectified with a comeback. One mistake, or one setback should never define who you are, or what you're capable of. It's so important to remember this.

For those of you still licking your wounds, watch your favourite show, order pizza, have a bath. Do all of this. But then, bounce back - it's the most difficult thing to consider, but you will thank yourself later. 

If you need some relatable stories, check out our other post on genuine stories from our students and MyKindaFuture Team to soothe the burn. 

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