Event of the Month: UEA x Deloitte

Event of the Month: UEA x Deloitte

Wednesday, 20th of February

And we're off to a cracking start for the Spring Term, with our brand new Society at University of East Anglia kicking things off right. After an impressive event hosting Deloitte on campus, we just HAD to speak to the magicians behind it. Meet our UEA Committee, and find out just how they did it!


When and where?

UEA Bright Futures hosted Deloitte on campus on 11th February for an interactive workshop. 

What went down?

"We were pleased to find that the room was filled with students ranging from first year all the way through to third year. 38 students were in attendance, making our first event a huge success! Even better, 48% of attendees were female, and we attracted students from many faculties, including that of History, Politics, and Medicine. This was to emphasise that a career with Deloitte doesn't have to originate from an Accounting or Business degree. We were really pleased with this!

Our guest speaker, Owain, took a leading role in the event after the Committee introduced themselves. He gave an in-depth presentation on how students could best approach applying to large organisations like Deloitte in general, and also went on to give tips and advice specific to Deloitte.

The presentation was followed by interactive activities, splitting attendees into 6 groups and having them work on tasks similar to those one might hope to expect at an assessment centre for Deloitte, or a company similar.

The purpose of this event was to give students an insight into the workings of Deloitte, how best to approach applications and to give students a feel for what they could expect during applications and assessments. All of which were successfully fulfilled by our first event of 2019."

How did they pull it off?

"The event came together with strategic planning and the appropriate delegation of roles throughout the Committee. It was recognised early on in the preparation that marketing was a key element in the success of the event, so while the Marketing Manager set out on his job to spread the word, every member of the Committee had responsibility to raise awareness on social media and liaise with any other societies they could.

While we didn’t receive any support from UEA’s Careers Service or Student Union, the Committee worked especially hard to ensure as many societies and students were aware of the event as possible; things such as contacting lecturers to make an announcement at the end of lectures about our event were actioned."

Word from the President:

"With it being our first employer insight event of our Bright Futures' tenure, the Committee and I were committed to making it a memorable one. Firstly, we were extremely proud of the sign up list which stood at 77 on the day of the event, we all worked extremely hard to effectively promote the event to our fellow students, so it was nice to see our work was effective. Secondly, the diverse range of courses in attendance really impressed me as it showed not only that our marketing was effective, but that there is a genuine desire among students across all faculties for more employability events this year. One of the reasons the Committee and I started up this Society was because of the lack of events that took place which appealed to all degrees and backgrounds, so it was a very proud moment to know that with this event we had achieved our goal. We have many more to come so hopefully we achieve much more this year!" - Senam, President of UEA Bright Futures

Feedback from MyKindaFuture Team:

"For a new Society that started up just before the Christmas break to pull off an event like this within a matter of weeks, and amoung January exams, is really impressive. From the minute I spoke to the Marketing Manager, Hilkiah, I knew he was a student who had a genuine interest in leading a Bright Futures Society to success, along with his Committee team. A huge well done to you all - this is something you should be incredibly proud of. Looking forward to seeing your achievements for the rest of the term, and seeing you at our Awards Ceremony!" - Hannah, Marketing Manager

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