Evolving Civil Service, Evolving Fast Stream

Evolving Civil Service, Evolving Fast Stream

Thursday, 9th of March

Evolving Civil Service, Evolving Fast Stream

As of 31 March 2016, 54.2% of all Civil Service employees were women, which makes up more than half of the workforce. This 0.4 percentage increase from March 2015 demonstrates the real developments taking place in the Civil Service!

The proportion of women working at Senior Civil Service level on 31 March 2016 was 40.1%, an increase of 1.2% from March 2015 and 8.2% increase from 2008. The proportion of females in senior management has steadily increased and is a powerful manifestation of active and positive change. 

See what inspiring female Civil Servants and interns have to say about their time working in the Civil Service:

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Diversity, inclusion and equality are values that are regarded highly by the Civil Service and it’s recognised that staff who can be open about their sexuality at work are more likely to enjoy going to work. They can be themselves, form honest relationships with their colleagues and be more productive. Equality at work makes good business sense irrespective of how people identify or express their sexual orientation.

See what Civil Servants have shared about the LGBT, Gender and Gender identity developments that have taken place in the Civil Service  by visiting pages 19 and 20 in the new revamped diversity brochure: 



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