Final McDonald's Winners Day of 2013!

Final McDonald's Winners Day of 2013!

Wednesday, 24th of July

Final McDonald's Winners Day of 2013!

The final McDonald’s Winners day of 2013 kicked off on the 15th of July 2013.

MyKindaCrowd travelled the country, young people submitted their ideas through school workshops, at university and online. With over 500 submissions, MyKindaCrowd headed over to the fantastic McDonald’s HQ  to shortlist the entries to the final 10.

The finalists were contacted and were invited to an exclusive day at the McDonald’s HQ where they had the chance to experience the McDonald’s development kitchen, develop and pitch their ideas to the McDonald’s management in the Environmental department.

The McDonald’s University Experience

The day began with the students having a tour around the HQ. This included the McDonalds university, the university is complete with lecture theatres, classrooms and a student chill out zone. Cool? We think so!

The students were shown around the kitchen and we've been told about there are strict timings and procedures with making McFlurry's and brand new smoothies that have only just been released in McDonald’s restaurants.

McDonald's offers their employees the great opportunity to grow and become qualified in a degree. Many of their degree's are based around management and communication and allows employees to start as a trainee in a restaurant right the way up to working in the HQ in a team.

The finalists quickly drank their smoothies headed back up to a McDonald's classroom. The students then started developing their ideas for what scheme could be implemented into a McDonald’s to help the environment.

So, who were these lucky finalists you ask?

De La Salle School

  • Megan Geiser,Imogen Harri, Camille Caogui

  • Megan Hall, Oliver O'Connel

Edgebarrow School

  • Tom Hills, Callum White

Newstead Wood School

  • Natalia Camicia,Oyin Ogundipe,Jennifer Sheasby


  • Pauline, Benoit, Nicholas
  • Tansim Paige

Next, it was crunch time. The three judges took their places to watch the pitches from the 7 groups. Group by group they took to centre stage and presented their idea to the judges. Each group did fantastically well and it was a tough choice for the judges! After much deliberation -  a final decision was made!


The overall winners were from De La Salle School:

Megan Geiser,Imogen Harri, Camille Caogui

The winning idea was that McDonald’s could re-invent the successful McDonald’s Monopoly game, customers would collect tokens based on their positive environmental actions and win prizes at the end!

Runners Up

With close runners up (in no particular order of course)

Edgbarrow School: Tom Hills, Callum White

Their idea of how McDonald’s could help the environment was ‘Tidy Up Time’ whereby customers would receive points for putting their rubbish in the bin.

Natalia Camicia,Oyin Ogundipe,Jennifer Sheasby

Their submission consisted of a few great ideas including grass roofs, tables made out of old plastic bottles and a incentive scheme to encourage customers to help their environment

The runner’s up and winners were awarded with trophies and a environmentally friendly, re-usable bag from McDonald’s! 

This is what we call a McSuccess! 


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