Find your nearest LGBT+ Pride event with this handy list

Find your nearest LGBT+ Pride event with this handy list

Monday, 12th of June

Find your nearest LGBT+ Pride event with this handy list

What is Pride?

Pride is a project run across the world to provide a better quality of life and strong community for LGBT+ individuals, as well as improving education and awareness about LGBT+ issues.

Inclusive events and socials are organised all over the country, and the overall aim of Gay Pride is to positively impact the lives of LGBT+ individuals all over the world.

What actaully happens at a Pride event?

The main aim of a Gay Pride event is to celebrate the diversity of the LGBT+ community. The events usually consist of a colourful parade, live entertainment, food and drinks, music and activities. Although Pride events champion LGBT+ issues, anyone is welcome to attend – the more the better.

With this in mind, we've complied a handy list of Pride events near you this summer.

What upcoming Pride events are near me?

Belfast Pride – 5th August

Bournemouth Pride – 30th June – 2nd July

Bristol Pride – 8th July

Brighton Pride – 5th-6th August

Blackpool Pride – 10th-11th June

Bolton Pride – 22nd-24th September

Cardiff Pride – 25th-27th August

Chesterfield Pride – 23rd July

Cornwall Pride – 26th August

Coventry Pride – 10th-11th June

Croydon Pride – 15th July

Cumbria Pride – 16th September

Doncaster Pride – 19th August

Dublin Pride – 16th-24th June

Edinburgh Pride – 17th June

Essex Pride – 24th June

Exmouth Pride – 1st July

Glasgow Pride – 19th-20th August

Gloucestershire Pride – 10th June

Happy Valley Pride – 7th-13th August

Hastings Pride – 27th August

Herefordshire Pride – 29th July

Hull Pride – 21st-23rd July

Isle of Wight Pride – 15th July

Jersey (Channel Islands) Pride – 2nd September

Kirkcaldy Pride – 1st July

Leeds Pride – 5th-6th August

Leicester Pride – 2nd September

London Pride – 24th June-9th July

UK Black Pride (London) - 9th July

Lincoln Pride – 24th September

Liverpool Pride – 29th July

Manchester Pride – 25th-28th August

Margate Pride – 12th August

Sparkle Transgender Manchester – 1st-9th July

Midsomer Norton Pride – 10th June

Newcastle Pride – 21st-23rd July

Newry Pride – 2nd September

Norwich Pride – 29th July

Oxford Pride – 4th July

Plymouth Pride – 5th August

Portsmouth Pride – 17th June

Reading Pride – 2nd September

Rotherham Pride – 15th July

Salford Pink Picnic – 15th July

Sunderland Pride – 24th September

Totnes Pride – 2nd September

Warwickshire Pride – 19th August

Wigan Pride – 12th August

Witney Pride – 27th August

Wolverhampton Pride – 23rd September

York Pride – 10th June

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