How to nail each stage of the DHL graduate scheme application

How to nail each stage of the DHL graduate scheme application

Friday, 25th of November

How to nail each stage of the DHL graduate scheme application

How to write/submit a great Graduate Job Application

When screening application forms for Graduate programmes, internal recruiters usually want to know two things – the first being ‘Do you meet their criteria?’ This information lets them filter candidates into a talent pool of potential next stage applicants. Make sure you have read the role profile in detail and provide evidence to the recruiter that you match the requirements.

Secondly, do you stand out enough among the other applicants? This is what helps recruiters make their final shortlist for video or telephone interviews. What else have you done in addition to your educational courses and previous employment? What gives you that extra bit of value?

Also, it may sound very basic, but make sure you don’t slip up with any accidental mistakes – lots of candidates fall out of the process because they don’t read the questions on application forms correctly. For example, many people get screened out because they tick the wrong boxes when it comes to ‘Right to Work in the UK’ or having a Driving Licence. It’s all about reading everything thoroughly and carefully before hitting that send button.

How to succeed in Video Interviews & Assessment Centres

These are your chances to shine! Think of a Video Interview as a performance, like an audition on the X-Factor. Yes, it’s important to make notes beforehand and think about balanced, clear and informative answers, but your body language and presentation is just as important. Make sure you wear interview clothes – you may not be there in person, but it’s still an interview so a shirt and tie are a must!

Also, think about what’s in the background – you don’t need to be sitting in a luxury boardroom or hotel, but it’s not great if you’re sitting next to a pile of laundry or cluttered shelves – you want to present yourself in the best possible way. Put the focus on you, not the surroundings behind you!

When you get to the Assessment Centre, you need to stand out from the crowd. Yes, you need to show that you are a strong team player and engage well with others, but you need to actively show the assessors what you are doing in order to get credit for your actions – for example, in a group exercise you not only have to listen to what other group members are saying, but you have to show the team leaders/assessors you are listening through your body language and your feedback.

Listening actively to the other group members’ contributions is vital whether you agree with them or not. Active listening means looking at who is speaking, nodding with acknowledgement and then showing you have listened by referring back.

Whether you are applying for a Finance Programme or something more Operational, these skills are generally in demand for all types of employment. Good luck! To find out more about the wide range of opportunities DHL offer, visit:

This blog post was guest-written for MyKindaFuture by DHL and is part of our November HirEd e-zine. Read the e-zine in full here


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