Global Entrepreneurship Week is coming

Global Entrepreneurship Week is coming

Wednesday, 9th of October

Global Entrepreneurship Week is coming
Have you heard of Global Entrepreneurship Week? If not, make sure you clear your diary on the 18 – 24th November.
More than half of the population would like to start their own business, less than 5% actually do. These entrepreneurial ambitions are even more acute among certain demographic groups – particularly among young people and women. 
Global Entrepreneurship Week is determined to help make the UK a more entrepreneurial place. To make this happen young people need to feel inspired and ambitious and to understand the enormous opportunities of facing their future with an entrepreneurial mind-set.
Global Entrepreneurship Week began life in 2004 as Enterprise Week – it is the world’s largest campaign to promote entrepreneurship and is recognised by organisations all over the UK as the highlight of the entrepreneurship calendar!
64% of participants who were not entrepreneurs said that they were encouraged to think about starting their own business and 25% of participants said that they had acquired new skills. 
This November GEW want every school in the UK to run an enterprise assembly and every college in the UK to run an enterprise event! You can find more information here
Be inspired and learn new skills!


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