Graduate experiences: Advice for current students

Graduate experiences: Advice for current students

Friday, 2nd of December

What is your best memory of university?

Wow, that’s a hard one... my best memory of university might actually have to be the moving in day of first year. Meeting everyone for the first time and not knowing what to expect of it all. Waving bye to my mum and feeling alone but quickly making the friends who have become so special and been by me all the way.

What did you find hardest from your time at university?

The thing I found hardest would have to be completing my dissertation - I would be in uni from 9-6 most days collecting data in a lab doing a very monotonous task - very very boring but the hard work definitely paid off and I’m so happy I worked so hard at it. 

What’s the wildest night you have had during your time at university?

Wildest night - I have had many... probably the one where I ended up in hospital with 15 stitches in and outside my mouth after falling down the stairs at a fancy dress event where no one actually realised the blood pouring out of my mouth wasn’t fake.


Did you go to any careers events such as workshops at networking events at university?

It took me until my Masters course to start attending careers events but yes they have been useful in highlighting graduate opportunities, perfecting my CV and for making connections with top companies. 


What is your one top quality that you think each university student should possess?

I would say the top quality each university student needs to possess to make it through their degree is probably time management and organisation... if you plan well, you can manage to work hard and play hard and get the best out of both your university degree whilst making some amazing memories.



This blog post was guest-written for MyKindaFuture by Amy Butler and is part of our November HirEd e-zine.  Read the e-zine in full here


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