Handshake top tips!

Handshake top tips!

Thursday, 3rd of March

Handshake top tips!


Don’t stumble at the first hurdle; your smile and your handshake are the first thing an interviewer notices. So show those pearly whites and read this blog to see how to perfect your handshake, so that you’re not known as the bone crusher!

Your handshake:

These are the handshakes you don't want to be known for:

  • The fish fingers - not fully engaging so left to shake their fingers!
  • The bone crusher - grip is so hard, you are left feeling numb...
  • The limpet - their hand stays stuck to your hand long after social decorum dictates 

Shake it to make it!

Tip #1 - Mean it

A positive attitude will lead to a better handshake, and therefore a better attitude. 

Tip #2 - Aim for the crook of the thumb

Your aim should be to get the crook of your thumb interlinked with the crook of their thumb, if you do that, you'll be perfectly placed for the next bit.

Tip #3 - Hold don't grip 

The ideal is an even pressure from both your thumb and fingers. If you're a gentler person, your hold  should be firm but gentle, whereas a stronger character it should be firm and strong. 

Tip #4 - Eye contact

The final flourish to a good handshake is eye contact - coupled with a beaming smile - that lets the person know you're the real deal & have nothing to hide. 

Tip #5 - Practice!


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