Have you heard the news?

Have you heard the news?

Friday, 23rd of January

Have you heard the news?

Its official, MyKindaCrowd have joined forces with Bright Futures. The union will create one of the largest networks of schools and universities in the UK and will broaden connections between employers and students.

According to research carried out by MyKindaCrowd earlier this year, 67% of teachers think face-to-face contact with employees is the most beneficial way for their students’ to receive employment guidance. The findings were recently announced at a high profile event in Westminster where attendees discussed how employers can attract young people in more engaging ways.

MyKindaCrowd’s survey also found that business has a vital part to play, with over half of young people wanting to receive employment inspiration and guidance face-to-face with employers.

In response to this, the merger will connect over 4,500 schools and broaden the scope of societies in over 50 university campuses. It will enhance the delivery of services such as interactive career workshops ans taster days, with potential job opportunities.

Francesca Campalani, Senior Talent Manager at Lloyds, spoke at the recent event said, “At Lloyds Banking Group we believe that organisations such as MyKindaCrowd and Bright Futures can empower us to empower student. It is a virtuous cycle, the only one that can produce a long term sustainable return on the investment.”

The new MyKindaCrowd and Bright Futures student-led-careers societies are free for every school in the UK and will benefit thousands of students. They will help employers reach the next generation of talent from school leavers to graduates, and recruits them on to work experience, internship, apprenticeship and graduate programmes.


“Online careers advice or online employer brand engagement is simply not enough. University, college and school students demand face-to-face employer interactions to understand and aspire to the careers on offer" says Will Akerman,  Founder and Managing Director of MyKindaCrowd. “Future talent want to see first-hand what their signing up to. This is why I am so thrilled to be launching our school student-led-career-societies. Available to every school in the UK, for free”.

Simon Reichwald, Director of Bright Futures adds, “students are more and more aware of the need to make choices about careers but hey are overwhelmed with where & how to start. Directing them to yet another website to read yet more information seems like an easy 'cop out'. What the research and my 20 years experience says to me, is that students love meeting 'real people' working in a range of roles, so they hear about what is out there and find out how to pursue the career that inspires them.”

Watch this space for how this will affect you! And shout if you have any questions. 



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