Hints and Tips- Clifford Chance Intelligent Aid 2016

Hints and Tips- Clifford Chance Intelligent Aid 2016

Friday, 15th of January

Intelligent Aid is the competition that asks big questions about the modern world – and your answer could get your commercial law career off to a flying start.
Intelligent Aid demands the kind of enthusiasm, curiosity and intellectual edge that’ll make you successful as a lawyer with Clifford Chance.
This year, as always, the question is highly topical. We’re inviting you to consider the kind of issues that are exercising our minds every day. This year, it is all about Ethics in Business.
We thought it might be helpful to give you some Hints and Tips for this year’s question
Can ethics be an issue in the following business areas?
• Finance eg: Bribery, Creative accounting
• HR Management eg: Discrimination, Whistle blowing
• Sales and Marketing eg: Word play, price fixing
• Production and Manufacturing eg: overseas outsourcing, pollution 
• Property eg: patents, intellectual property 
These are just examples, think of real world situations that could be applied to enhance your essay. 
What influences and controls business’ to behave ethically?
• The Media?
• Self-Regulation?
• The Law?
• Culture, customs and beliefs? 
Strong submissions from last year’s competition, what happened to the winners and other information on the Intelligent Aid scheme can be found here: www.cliffordchancegraduates.com/intelligent-aid
Now you’ve written a fantastic submission, upload and enter the competition here: www.mykindafuture.com/Challenges/intelligent-aid-2016


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