How can a TEFL Qualification help you?

How can a TEFL Qualification help you?

Tuesday, 26th of February

How can a TEFL Qualification help you?

How can a TEFL Qualification help you?

The course is a perfect fast track for teachers who are wishing to convert their teaching skills into a TEFL qualification. Whether you wish to take a course to teach abroad, or gain a qualification to teach EFL in the UK, then the advanced course is an ideal enhancement to your CV as well as advancing your teaching opportunities!

Our challenge with The Complete University Guide offers our users the chance to win a trip around the world, £2000 spending money and a TEFL qualification. TEFL stands for 'Teaching English as a Forgein Language'. Radhika writes her experience doing a TEFL qualification below:

" When I was at university I thought about going traveling after I had graduated, but I didn't want to go without having the opportunity to earn money along the way and give back to those less fortunate than us who are British born.

I thought that if I was going to go exploring other countries, the only way to really submerse yourself in the culture is to meet the people that live there, and teaching is definitely a way to do that.

I found out about TEFL online, and researched about the possible job opportunities, the pay and some companies even provided you with accommodation. Bonus! - A new country, money and free accommodation, and most importantly, a way to give back along my travels.

My TEFL course lasted 2 days, over the weekend, 9.30-5.30 each day! . It was pretty intense and really fun. I was with about 10 other people and we all got to know each other pretty well in the two days. We had some young people there 16+ and also an older generation who were looking to migrate to different countries.

We learnt a variety of things, from presentation and communication skills, how to talk to young people who can't understand English fluently, and vocabulary and grammar. Even though some of this was basic stuff, it was good to remind yourself and it gives you a chance to practice your presentation techniques.

Mostly, we worked in pairs or teams; we were given tasks, pretend scenario's and role play. At first it seems a little silly trying to teach a 30 year old basic grammar, but once you get into it, it's really fun and imaging a room full of adults as 8 year old's is tricky – but quite funny!

We were also shown what it is like to be on the other side ; to be a student who can't understand a foreign language well and trying to learn objects and sentences. Our teacher tried to teach us Mandarin, she demonstrated the kind of eye contact we needed, and how to over-pronounce words to make it clearer for the students. This was so valuable and made me re-think my teaching technique. We were given feedback after each task, these had strengths and weaknesses included so you can always keep a record of what needs improving on. We were also given lesson plans, tips, guides to use in our own lesson and connections to interviews if we did want to use our qualification in the future.

We were sent out TEFL certificates through the post, and it brings so much satisfaction opening the envelope, the hard work paid off!

You can get qualified for a basic TEFL which you can use in most European countries, an Advanced TEFL gives you the chance to teach in most Asian and Far East countries. I would consider going back to do an advanced course. It really gave me an insight to what it would be like to be teaching in a foreign country!"

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