'It was an amazing experience': How Reimagined Learning boosted my CV (and confidence)

'It was an amazing experience': How Reimagined Learning boosted my CV (and confidence)

Friday, 27th of January

'It was an amazing experience': How Reimagined Learning boosted my CV (and confidence)

This article was written by Shoshanna – a 2016 graduate of Three's unique Reimagined Learning training programme. Click here to be part of the Spring 2017 experience.

Before the programme...

I first heard about the Three UK Reimagined learning programme after attending an insight day at their office in Maidenhead. The main feature of the programme that really attracted me was the chance to present to Three executives.

When I found out I had been successful in gaining a place on the programme I was really excited and also a little nervous. After a few phone calls with the MyKindaFuture and the Three team I felt confident to begin the programme.

Day one...

The first day of the programme involved training from both MyKindaFuture about how to create an engaging presentation and from Three about what makes the Three brand so unique.

After the training we were split into groups and presented our first task: this was to create a workshop that we would present in the following weeks to a group of eighty 14-16 year olds.

At first I was a little apprehensive but after guidance from both the Three and MyKindaFuture, my team began planning our workshop. After several practice sessions in front of the other participants and gaining their feedback the day came to an end.

Day two...

The second day of the programme was presenting the workshop. The first few sessions were a struggle for my group as some of the children didn’t seem that excited to be there. After two ‘practice rounds’ of figuring out what worked and what didn’t my team was finally able to confidently deliver the workshop.

Overall despite my apprehensiveness the day was a success and I felt proud that I had actually been able to teach 80 secondary school children that day.

Day three...

The third and final day of the programme was presenting our learning experiences to Three executives. We were given around four hours to create a presentation based upon our experiences and learning from the programme.

After quickly putting the presentation together and practising way more than was necessary we finally felt ready to present.

The presentation went really well and we gained extremely positive feedback from the Three executives.

After the programme...

Overall for me this programme was an amazing experience. It gave me the opportunity to not only develop and lead a group of children, but to present to senior level executives as well as the chance to learn more about more of the UK’s most loved brands.

The main skills I learnt from the programme were to hone my presentation skills - I had always been a confident presenter but had not put a presentation together in four hours before!

I also learnt how to be adaptable especially during the school workshop as at times the students were not receptive to our directions, so we were forced to quickly adapt in order to get their attention.

Final thoughts...

I would recommend this programme to anybody that is looking to improve their presentation skills and build a professional network. The participants of the programme not only consisted of students but also of Three employees which was a great networking opportunity! You also get a chance to chat with the executives after the presentation too!

Inspired by Shoshanna's story? Get involved with Reimagined Learning this Spring here!


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