How to ace your assessment process

How to ace your assessment process

Tuesday, 14th of November

How to ace your assessment process

In making an application to join us on a graduate programme or internship, you should consider your strengths, passions and interests so you can show your best face throughout the whole process – we want you to be motivated and excited about whatever you choose to apply for. 

We look for people who are engaged and intrigued by our Group Values, demonstrating strong customer focus and a drive to Help Britain Prosper by giving back to our communities and innovating so we can become the Bank of the Future. A strong application will demonstrate an awareness of our work in these areas and be able to integrate these key areas into the assessment process.

Our application process consists of three stages for graduates – an online application and online tests (don’t worry – these won’t take you too long to complete!), a strengths-based video interview, and an assessment centre. Interns follow exactly the same process, but do not complete an assessment centre. 

To progress seamlessly through the application process, we recommend you keep a few basic tips in mind:

1.    Practice the online tests before you take the real thing – there are mock tests available at that match the format of the ones you will take in our application portal. 

2.    It may sound simple, but in a pre-recorded video interview, be sure to make eye contact with the camera and not the feed of yourself on the screen – you’ll come across as more confident (and, personally, I find looking at myself talking to be a distraction)! You should also learn about the strengths-based interview style, as it differs slightly from the traditional competency-based interview and you’ll need to shape your answers to the questions asked accordingly. 

3.    Familiarise yourself with the structure of an assessment centre before you go! Many universities offer opportunities to practice the exercises that are often featured at graduate assessment centres and being familiar with the format and what assessors look for will set your mind at ease on the day.

4.    Why not have a look at more stories and tips from our real-life Graduates, like Catherine! Her top tip is to not be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and to try new things as you look for graduate positions and enter the workplace. You’ll be able to more advice from our graduates on the profiles section of our website. 

For more information, including how to apply, please visit 

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