How to convey confidence

How to convey confidence

Tuesday, 19th of March

How to convey confidence

How to convey confidence

1.Have a confident handshake

A confident handshake is one with a full and firm handclasp. Pair your handshake with a sincere smile and eye contact.

2.Effective Gestures

Effective gestures help to express an idea, opinion or emotion. Try to avoid mannerisms such as finger pointing, fidgeting, scratching, tapping and playing with hair.

3.Dress the part

Wearing well tailored clothes conveys professionalism. Avoid showy accessories, busy patterns and tight clothing

4.Have an authoritive posture and presence

When you're in an interview situation don't forget to stand up tall and straight. A bad posture portrays low confidence!

5.Have appropriate tone of voice

Non verbal elements such as pacing, pausing, volume, inflection and pitch and articulation.

Use open body language, point your toe and square your shoulder towards the person you are talking to.

6.Listen with your eyes.

Respond to non verbal cues ,this shows a high level of empathy, sensitivity and care.


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