How to do Christmas: Student-style

How to do Christmas: Student-style

Thursday, 8th of December

As Christmas approaches, it’s almost impossible not to get swept away in all the festive vibes, especially if you are spending the Advent season in a new town with new friends at university. So, to get you off to a good start, we have asked current students how to ace the festivities on a student budget.

Plan ahead

Club together with your house mates and plan your Christmas period – we’re talking a date for a cooked Christmas dinner, weekends dedicated to festive nights out and their consequential hangovers and evenings to decorate your house or flat. At least then you can try to make your December budget stretch.


Was there ever a place so student friendly? Now the 6ft Christmas tree has been brought to the shelves for a measly £10, Poundland has trumped all. Although kinda defeating the ‘£1’ thing, for less than a fiver contribution between your house mates you’ll be decking the halls like no one else.

Embrace tat

We’re all dreaming of a Tiffany’s white Christmas but let’s face it – most of us are not within its reach. Instead, go out and get yourself a cheesy, loud and shamelessly festive jumper and own it.

Throw a party

If there was ever a time to host an occasion, it was Christmas. And as it’s freezing outside, keep it to your flat. To really push the boat out, insist all attendees come as Christmas items. Wait for the friend who turns up as the bald turkey.

Get cookin’

It is officially time to adult and cook your own Christmas dinner. Allocate each of your house mates a designated ‘area’ of the roast and head to Iceland, apart from the one you definitely can’t trust – get them to lay the table.


We can all fall victim to envisaging ourselves as Santa 2.0 when writing our Christmas gift lists – even the next door neighbour’s cat manages to feature on some. Remember your budget, or lack thereof, and spread the love to those only who make the top 5-10 for saving in a fire.

Christmas cards

For something which can be considered old fashioned, these could be your saving grace. For those who you can’t afford to give a gift to, send a card. The thought is there at least.

Secret Santa

The best way to do presents within your flat is Secret Santa. Remember to set a spending limit for everyone, follow protocol when choosing names from a hat and then proceed to let everyone know who you have after approximately 3 minutes.

Cosy nights in

Christmas is an expensive time. Christmas is a bank-breaking time if you’re a student. So, gather friends, snuggle up with blankets and woolly socks and stick on Elf. Quote where possible.

Unleash your inner child.

There is a saying that Christmas is for children, however we all still have that side to us somewhere. Get yourself an advent calendar, indulge in Disney and even get excited that Santa is coming.


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