How to run for a committee position in University

How to run for a committee position in University

Tuesday, 18th of July

How to run for a committee position in University

So, you’re thinking about running for a committee position within a university society? Great decision. It’s such a fun way to get involved with uni life, and also a chance to prove yourself to future employers. There are loads of different types of committee member but the main roles tend to be:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer (in charge of the money)
  • Social Sec
  • Stash (or merchandise) Sec
  • Publicity Sec

All you have to do is pick which one you’d like to run for, and take a look at our top 10 tips:


1. Start by building up a solid network within the society. Whether it be the people you see at socials, training sessions or meet ups – make sure they know who you are! These are the people who you will be asking to vote for you when it comes to the election.


2. Make yourself known to the existing committee (for good reasons!). Don’t be the one that’s always drunk or late, but be the one who is always offering to help, or attends all the socials or just for being a nice person. They have a big influence so their backing can really help you out.


3. When it comes to your campaign think of ideas that are out of the box. Treat it like a mini marketing campaign around how you will be making the society better once you are a part of it.


4. Try and get society members’ opinions when creating your manifesto. This will not only give you some new ideas, but also these people will be more likely to get behind you when it comes to voting if they’ve had an input.


5. Why not speak to the existing committee to get a better idea of what they do day to day or week to week. You’ll be able to understand the role better and therefore will have a more informed campaign.


6. Think of ways that you can prove to the voters that you are super organised – you’ll need to be if you’re going to take on a committee role. Think of times where you’ve shown great organisational skills and tell them about it in your speech. Voters want to know that they can trust you.


7. Make sure you will work well with the existing or new team. Ensure that you make friends with the candidates for other roles – their support might be valuable when it comes to voting, and also it will be a lot easier to work with them if you win.


8. Get personal – tell them a bit about yourself during your speech, why you wanted to run, and what you think you’ll bring to the role. People buy into people, so show your personality during your speech.


9. Practice your presentation! You want to come across as confident and capable, so preparing a few words is a great idea – this will stop you freezing when you get up in front of everyone.


10. Enjoy the process! If you’re successful then you’ll have an amazing year at uni, however, if you don’t win the election then don’t worry - by simply running for the position you’ve gained lots of transferable skills that can give your CV a boost!

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