Returning to Uni after a year placement: what I learnt

Returning to Uni after a year placement: what I learnt

Tuesday, 18th of July

Returning to Uni after a year placement: what I learnt

You’ve had an amazing year away from Uni during your placement year out in the world of work, so it’s understandable that you’re a little bit anxious or nervous to go back into 4th year.


Some of your friends and course mates may have already graduated, and uni is likely to be very different without them. You’re probably thinking that it might be hard to fit back into the uni lifestyle that you’re used to, not to mention getting back into the swing of going to lectures and having a fixed timetable. You are no longer used to graded assignments and exams, so this might seem daunting too. This is so different to what you’re used to at work, where you can manage your whole days the way that you want, without an exam hall in sight! You might also feel like you’re ready for work now, and don’t want to wait a year to get back into it …


But, it’s never as bad as it seems, and there are actually loads of really great benefits that you gain from taking a break from uni!


Firstly, the difference in your work ethic and attitude towards assignments is noticeable – think about it, you’re used to completing tasks day in day out at work, so when one comes up at uni it’s no big deal. In general you’ll probably complete them quicker and work harder for them – win win!

But it doesn’t stop there …


Group work? A breeze, now you’ve worked in teams for a full year! You’ve dealt with loads of different types of people, and can pretty much handle any group situation, so group work will become more enjoyable and you’ll see better results.


And don’t forget, you’ll really enjoy having more free time to spend on your hobbies, or to rejoin your favourite societies!


The major benefit though, is that applying for any grad schemes or graduate jobs while you’re still at university just became a whole heap easier, due to your glowing CV.


Make sure you enjoy the student lifestyle while you can – honestly, you may be nervous now, but getting back into uni life is great fun! But just make sure you work hard too – fourth year is really important, and a major part of your final university grade!  Good luck!


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