Inspire To Overcome

Inspire To Overcome

Monday, 22nd of September

Inspire To Overcome

So, April 2014 saw the launch of the great Lloyds Scholars photo challenge.

We asked students to ‘Take an image that depicts something truly inspirational or portrays overcoming a barrier with a brief caption explaining why it represents what it does.

As soon as the challenge launched, the inspirational submissions came in thick and fast from all over the UK! We had photos of animals, family members, friends, nature and everything in-between.

Among the submissions we received, were images submitted by Charlotte Mills and Mair McQuarrie, two fantastic students whose images really caught the eye of the judges. The quality of the submissions was so high and we couldn't choose between the top two – so we awarded them both the prize of an iPad mini and a mentoring session. Plus we ‘highly commended’ a further 7 young people.

So what were the submissions you ask?!

Below are their photos alongside a summary of their description.

Inspiration to Overcome. By Charlotte Mills

Music can be personal to any individual and a certain song may evoke memories and feelings. The image I have created is meant to show that with the help of music, you can pull through anything. This theme is personal to me as music inspired me to overcome my negative feelings.

So what inspires me? By Mair McQuarrie

When I was 14 months old I was in a terrible accident where I suffered from 3rd degree burns on both my feet and lower legs. The burns effected my ability to walk and my ability to do most things a normal child would do which resulted in bulling and depression. However I am now studying to go to university and have a very good job.

We would like to say a massive well done to all students who who took part, especially Charlotte and Mair the 2014 winners!

For everyone else, we would like to encourage you to keep an eye on our website for future competitions and don't forget to check out this page for more information specifically on the Lloyds Scholars Programme.

Until next time!


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