TechFuture Teachers Careers Resource Pack

TechFuture Teachers Careers Resource Pack

Monday, 9th of November

TechFuture Teachers Careers Resource Pack

The TechFuture Teachers Careers Pack is completey FREE, user friendly and informative.

Download the full Teaching Resource here.

The resource is broken down to three core components:

  • an outline of career pathways for 12 core IT jobs and teacher notes
  • three lesson plans with complementary PowerPoint presentations and teacher notes for you to edit and adapt for your students and teaching style

    Part 1 - Personality Traits and Attributes

    Part 2 - Industries and Sectors

    Part 3 - What is Tech

  • an inspirational video featuring young professionals working in IT

Our research found that teachers are seeking an easy to use resource that is adaptable to their learning style therefore we have ensured all PowerPoints are editable and free to download. 

The resource is mapped to the curriculum and each lesson plan has activity sheets as well as further insight in the breadth of roles available in IT.

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