Meet Ivan...

Meet Ivan...

Wednesday, 15th of July

Meet Ivan...

My name is Ivan Ballesteros, aged 15 and this is my first work experience placement.

It all started with a workshop that MyKindaCrowd was running with a spoken word artist named Lion HeartIt was a great experience and I felt like I could do this in the future.

My teacher saw that I was interested in the workshop and she managed to get me a work placement at MyKindaCrowd.

What can say, I enjoyed every minute of it, without a doubt I learnt new things, saw new things and experienced new things. 

Emma my boss for the week helped me out so much, as did the whole team. I learnt about business, marketing and PR, social media and more.



The people that I worked with were the best thing about being in a team like this, no one is shy and everyone is close. 

If I could do this all again I would because I enjoyed it all. The things I’ve learnt during the week were so useful to me and I know it will benefit me in the upcoming future.

You never know I could end up back here because it was a great experience. I thank everyone at MyKindaCrowd for being supportive and a big thanks to my boss for the week Emma, she was great.

If you’re reading this and you’ve never experienced office work before, I would recommend it because you could enjoy it like I have. You’ll definitely learn something new and if you’re lucky you’ll have great employers like I did.

                                Written by Ivan Ballesteros


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