#IWD2019: The female leaders on campus

#IWD2019: The female leaders on campus

Wednesday, 6th of March

MyKindaFuture doesn't just host killer female players in our internal team. Meet the Committee Members who lead our Bright Futures Societies, making a huge impact on their campus networks and creating inroads in their own professional profile. 

So, who have we got?


My name is Anna Moffat and I am in my 4th year studying for a Masters in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde. This year I have taken on the role of Vice-Preident STEM for our Bright Futures Society.

My name is Bridget Bulana. My committee position is marketing manager for University of Leicester Bright Futures.

My name is Isha Shah, and I am the President of Heriot-Watt Bright Futures.

If you had to sum yourself up, including some random facts about yourself, what would you say?

"I am a kind and genuine person who loves dogs and good people. If I had not accepted my offer to studying engineering I would have pursued a career in dance, I enjoy surfing and I go to Spain every year with the surf society, and I LOVE dogs!" - Anna

"I would say I am a young woman that strives to achieve my goals with a positive attitude despite how I feel. I have lived in Australia for a year during my study abroad, I was born in South Africa and moved to England when I was 7 years old, and my favorite animals are alpacas." - Bridget

"I am an ambitious and motivated person. I’m from Kenya, I have done Gold Duke of Edinburgh, and I have done an Advanced Scuba Diving course!" - Isha

What do you feel empowers you within your role as a Bright Futures Committee Member?

"My fellow female committee members play an important role in making me feel empowered. I also appreciate the effort that the MyKindaFuture team put into recognising and rewarding the hard work involved in making our Society a success." - Anna

"I really think its down to the support of my team, our team has a strong female presence. We are all from different backgrounds and have strong characters. I like the way we work together and support each other. I am also empowered by my drive to do well. Being successful is very important to me and having the opportunity to help other students bridge that gap between university and potentially the career of their dreams really motivates me to fulfill my role as Marketing Manager." - Bridget 

"The importance and impact of our Bright Futures Society empowers me as President. Seeing how useful and influencial the Society is to our campus is also a good motivator." - Isha

How do you try to empower other students at university?

"Being a member of the Strathclyde Equate Society is a great way to empower other females at the university through attending events that are aimed at females studying STEM subjects. Attending the socials also allows us all to celebrate our achievements and success in a relaxing and fun environment." - Anna

"I try to empower other female peers by supporting their goals whether it be helping them when they are running for an election or attending their female-led events. As Marketing Manager, I also try and promote as much as I can for other female peers especially if they have just started a new society on campus." - Bridget

"I try and get female people from the industry to participate in the events and opportunities our Society has to offer." - Isha

What is important to you in achieving your goals?

"As a female studying a STEM subject it is important for me to put in the effort to achieve my goals so that I can be an example, for future generations, of a professional female in a male-dominated sector." - Anna

"The most important thing to me as a female in higher education achieving my goals is being a role model for others. Not only being a female but being a first-generation immigrant, the first in my family to go to university and coming from a working-class background. Its important to me that younger females will have the confidence to strive to achieve their goals despite any injustices that may discourage them." - Bridget

"To balance studies, extra-curriculars and a social life using time management and organizational skills." - Isha

Why do you feel it’s important for female students to have equal power and opportunity within education and in aiming to achieve their career goals?

"It is important for females to have equal power and opportunities to ensure progression and innovation. I believe that a more equal playing field could be achieved by targeting young females in primary school and showing them accurate representations of career paths that they could follow." - Anna

"I think its important for females to have equal power and opportunity because the lack of such communicates that females are not as capable or deserving of the same opportunities as males. I think more equal opportunity will give females the confidence to believe their capabilities of achieving great things. I think this should begin with the way young girls are socialized; young girls shouldn’t be discouraged from striving for positions of power just because it isn’t the norm for females to be in such a leadership position. I think more needs to be done to encourage younger girls to strive for whatever they want to achieve career-wise even if it is not a traditional role for a woman. I believe that if this is done, by the time we reach higher education we will be more confident in striving towards positions of power or male-dominated industries such as technology, stem or IT fields." - Bridget

"Females have a lot to contribute to the field they are interested in so they should have equal opportunity to access that field. Better awareness and coverage of the opportunities available to females in their desired field could promote a more equal playing field in being able to apply, succeed and flourish." - Isha

You can choose any female person, living or dead, to spend 1 hour with. Who do you choose, what do you do, and why?

"I would chose to spend 1 hour with Anna Lee Fisher. Anna was the first mother in space in and I would simply spend this hour asking her about her experience working at NASA and what it was like to travel to space. Space travel is so interesting to me and I would love to hear about it from the perspective of an empowered female." - Anna

"I would choose Serena Williams. Serena Williams is a person that shows discipline and resilience. Despite the unfair criticism that she receives I think she handles herself with grace, dignity and humility. I think those are very important qualities in a leader and I would love to spend an hour with her over coffee quizzing her about how she developed those qualities." - Bridget

"I would choose to spend one hour with Angela Merkel who is the Chancellor of Germany. She is the leader of one of the largest economies in the world and is a very courageous woman." - Isha

WHAT a team. Thank you, girls! 


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