Winners Story : James Caan Challenge Under 16's!

Winners Story : James Caan Challenge Under 16's!

Tuesday, 19th of March

Winners Story : James Caan Challenge Under 16's!

7 students travelled across the country to visit the James Caan HQ for the perfect opportunity to show off their fantastic idea to Hanah Caan.

Winning Students

  • Sophie Garrard
  • Faisal Hussain
  • Callum Johnston
  • Daniel kilbey
  • Pardeep Kaur
  • Amy Hastings
  • Shane Pepperell

This challenge asked for a really innovative idea and only went out to students under 16. We had so many submissions, with every student releasing their 'inner dragons' for that special moment to face the Dragon!

The students came up with a finger print lock idea. The idea was based around a padlock and instead of using a key; a fingerprint would be needed to open the lock. Very innovative!!

The Winners Day

The students started off the afternoon with a presentation and pitching master class from MyKindaCrowd. Soon after, they developed their idea a little further and practiced their pitches!

Now, it was crunch time.

Hanah Caan arrived and had a quick chat with the winning students. After the nerves had settled, the 7 students took center stage and presented their idea to Hanah!

After much impressing and Hanah had provided a little feedback, she told them more about her background and offered some tips for success in the future.

Hanah Caan has done tremendously so far and really inspired the students to think creatively, work hard and be determined! It was a fantastic day and the team from Jo Richardson School did brilliantly!


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