Ever thought about a career in banking?

Ever thought about a career in banking?

Tuesday, 27th of January

Ever thought about a career in banking?
Ever considered working for one of the world’s largest investment banks? How about a global company with nearly 150 years behind it?
We spoke to Jessica Murray who is currently working at HSBC to find out what her experience has been like. 
What do you enjoy most about working for HSBC? 
For me, it is definitely the people. Investment banking can involve working long hours so it is key that you enjoy working with the people around you and can depend on them for help and guidance. This was one of the main reasons that I took up HSBC’s offer of employment after the summer internship. I knew that I would be returning to a team where my work was appreciated and with people who would take the time to share their knowledge and help with my career progression. 
What is involved in your role? 
I am a first year analyst in the Equity Capital Markets department at HSBC. There is no typical day in ECM but in general I help to create client pitches, perform shareholder analysis and assist in the pricing of convertible bonds. When there's a live deal, we will work closely with syndicate; helping with the organisation of sales presentations and management roadshows etc.
What attracted you to your current job? 
After completing a six month internship in Audit in my gap year, I knew that I wanted to stay in the financial industry but felt that my skill set would suit a different job. After considerable research, I decided I wanted to look into investment banking. I found ECM to be the perfect mix. Not only do you get to do analytical, project-based work but you are affected by the fast paced environment of the markets. Every day you are learning something new and working on a different product or a different sector or even a different country.  
How did you get your job at HSBC? 
I was very proactive in first year and managed to secure a place on the HSBC Spring Week, where I spent 3 days learning about all the different areas in investment banking. It was really useful because in my first year at university I really knew very little about banking and was very swayed by what my friends were applying for. Having someone explain the different departments helped me choose which job would suit my skill set best. 
What did you study at University? 
I graduated from Durham University in July 2014, having studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics. A common misconception in banking is that you need a finance orientated degree, but having done my dissertation in Politics, I am an example that this is not the case.
How do you find working in a male dominated industry?
Although women are still a minority in Investment Banking, HSBC runs a number of initiatives to try to redress the balance. I have attended a women's networking breakfast and helped out at conferences run by HSBC for female students. Hopefully these initiatives will encourage young women to have the confidence to consider a career in Investment Banking and not be intimidated by misconceptions.

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