Wednesday, 9th of March


So all this week you have been reading blogs about how important first impressions are, how to relax before an interview and how to ensure you shine in your interview; in order to put these learnings to the test – you need to be applying for jobs! The world of job hunting can seem daunting, the never-ending variety of jobs out there means that it is difficult to make a decision on what you want to do.

Most people are guilty of assuming a job choice will determine what they do for the rest of their lives, well rest-assured this is not the case!

We live in a fast-paced society where it is normal to have various careers over your life time. Therefore, when you are considering which job/  graduate / apprenticeship/ work experience programme you would like to apply for, try to think about the here and the now; what will you enjoy, how will the experience progress you at this moment and if you are right for the job.

MyKindaFuture have just launched our jobs service – go and have a look now to see if there any opportunities that excite you. You may worry that you do not have the right skills or experience for some of the roles, but remember companies quite often offer training before you start, or on the job.

The most important thing when applying for jobs is that you are enthusiastic about the opportunity and are willing to learn – this is what an employer is looking for. Also, early on in your career you may only have a few things on your CV, that’s fine, no one is expecting it to be jam-packed. Our jobs section has different opportunities posted on there: jobs, apprenticeships, work experience, internships, there is something for everyone, so what are you waiting for... Head there now and get applying!

Good luck!


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