Life as a PMO Analyst

Life as a PMO Analyst

Thursday, 20th of March

Life as a PMO Analyst

So Stephen, tell us what you do at Capgemini.

I am a project management office (PMO) analyst. My daily tasks include project planning, reporting, budget tracking, change management and financial analysis. My interactions internally are pretty widely spread. To name a few, the role usually entails liaising with project managers, team leaders, accountants and commercial finance teams. Externally I have regular contact with the customer's project managers, accountants and commercial team.



What are the advantages of the Advanced Apprentice Programme

The excellent structure of the Advanced Apprentice Programme is apparent throughout the scheme. From the programme stages themselves being clearly identified via roadmap, to the detailed ideas gone into the Induction – they are all flawlessly executed. Training schedules vary, depending on the type of role assigned  Throughout the apprenticeship I had to attend a catch up with an NVQ assessor, usually for an hour every four to six weeks. The assessors are very friendly and approachable. Not only do you receive support from the training providers, but also from line managers, the HR team, mentors, buddies, and a wide range of people within the organisation.


Do you get many opportunities to learn at Capgemini?

During my Capgemini apprenticeship I have had countless opportunities to learn new skills or develop existing ones. Within the first few months candidates are enrolled to do an Information Systems Examination Board (ISEB) course (or equivalent) for their relevant business area. As a PMO analyst, I did ISEB in Programmes and Projects Support Office. This is a nationally recognised qualification. I have also completed an NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration which was also funded by Capgemini. Since joining I have also completed a number of internal training courses such as: Planning Skills, Taking Control of Your Plan, Maximising My Personal Impact to name only a few!


What about for those that don't want to do exactly what you did, is there flexibility?

Capgemini is a brilliant place at tailoring apprenticeships to an individual. As soon as you arrive onsite this becomes apparent. I am the type of person who likes to be thrown in at the deep end, given something to go away and do, make mistakes and learn from them. I admit that, at first, I made a lot of mistakes and relied heavily on my team to show me how to tackle a wide range of problems. They were more than helpful and adopted every part of the Capgemini ‘no blame’ culture. This isn’t just true of my team, throughout my time I have encountered many individuals at Capgemini and they all seem to be exactly the same helpful, friendly types, which really shocked me!


It all sounds amazing but what about the pay?

The salary offered by Capgemini to all apprentices is very competitive. I believe that Capgemini is among the top five companies for apprentice wages in the UK. Depending on the scheme for which you are eligible, this can also increase again. To put this into context, I am 21 years old, living with my brother, paying a mortgage, bills and shopping. I drive a car so I pay insurance, road tax, fuel and repairs it. I have a phone contract, I pay for a gym subscription, I pay a monthly membership for scuba diving and still have money left over to go out on weekends, go on holiday every year and pay for one-off experiences every so often, such as hot air ballooning, track days and diving with sharks.


It sounds like Capgemini's programme keeps you really busy, do have time for much else?

The company will support you with many opportunities outside work. In February 2013 I decided to walk the length of Hadrian’s Wall for Cancer Research UK. Capgemini helped me raise money for this by including a post on the UK-wide portal to which every Capgemini employee has access. This helped me in raising over £1,000 for Cancer Research, a sum that I would definitely not have achieved without that support. As well as supporting activities outside work, Capgemini also provides lots of social events. The main annual event is the Christmas party, which is attended by over 1,000 people. It is a great way of getting to know people. On average, there is an event each month where people come together to raise money for charity. Activities range from painting local schools to taking part in marathons.


Thanks Stephen! Is there anything else you want to say?

Capgemini is a great company to work for, everyone is so friendly and helpful, there is huge support for career progression and they happily support any training and/or qualifications that may help you to develop.



PMO Analyst | AA Programme

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