Lloyds Banking Group: Twitter Q&A Review

Lloyds Banking Group: Twitter Q&A Review

Tuesday, 13th of February

Your questions answered from the Lloyds Banking Group Live Twitter Q&A

For those of you who missed the live session last week, here are all the answers to your questions from the Lloyds Banking Group Twitter Q&A. These are great to bear in mind if you are considering applying to one of their graduate leadership or internship programmes - but hurry, applications close Wednesday 28th February! See the Q&A on @LBGtalent Twitter page.

Mahari, from their recruitment team and a few grads, were on hand last Thursday to answer all your queries...

Lloyds Banking Group Internships Questions

"What's your day to day with your internship?"
"All of our Internships are different and so the day2day will vary too! But all our Interns are given valuable work experience & skills development. Read more on our website or chat with our former interns about their day2day here."

"Can you pick the type of internship you would like to do?"
"Of course! You can apply to any of our internships – from tech, to business banking, to audit to customer products & more! You’ll be placed in a team for your ten weeks, and you’ll have opportunities to get involved in a variety of activities that interest you across LBG."

"After finishing your internship, can you get a job with Lloyds Banking Group?"
"If you enjoy your experience with us, there’s a chance that you could be offered a place on one of our grad programmes and many of our interns choose to do this once they graduate."

"Can I do an internship as a first year undergraduate?"
"Right now we don’t offer first year internships, but it might be worth checking out our Lloyds Scholars programme! See our website http://www.lloydsbankinggrouptalent.com"

"Is the internship paid?"
"Yes - Interns are paid £18,000 pro-rata over their ten week placements."

"What is the application process?"
"Grad programme, you’ll complete an online application form, 3 x online tests, a video interview and an assessment centre, which includes an innovative Virtual Reality exercise. Interns don’t do the assessment centre. See our website for helpful tips."

"What did you learn through an internship?"
"Daniella, on our commercial banking scheme says - The Internship taught me that I enjoyed working with data, creative thinking & problem solving. It helped me to narrow down my career choices."

Lloyds Banking Group Graduate Programmes Questions

"How are you supported throughout the graduate programmes?"
"You’ll have a lot of support as & when you need it. Your line manager will help you day-to-day & you’ll also have a Graduate “buddy” to help you settle in & learn the ropes. Plus you’ll have lots of other grads joining at the same time, so plenty of peer support too."

"Do you think you'll stay with the company after your graduate programme?"
"Nick, one of our Grads says - It’s hard to think of a reason not to stay! LBG is a supportive employer that wants to see our graduates shine and they do everything to support you while you’re on the programme. Ever heard the song #WeAreFamily?"

"What is the most exciting thing about the graduate programme?"
"Definitely the variety of opportunities you have on the scheme & the fully-paid for professional qualification – it definitely helps to put you ahead in your career and without the costs of doing it independently."

"Are there any bonuses involved with the graduate programme?"
"Apart from the bonus of bragging to your friends - Graduates are also given a £3000 settling-in allowance with their first pay-cheque. After the first year on the programme you’ll be eligible for an annual performance-related bonus, just like any other colleague. #ThatsHowWeRoll"

"Can I apply even if I don't have a 2:1 degree?"
"All we ask for is a 2:2 degree or above, from any degree discipline or university – it also doesn’t have to be related to finance or economics!"

"What advice do you have to help students choose a programme or organisation?"
"Nancy, in our recruitment team says - Trust yourself, find a job that feels right and chimes with your values and you will fly."

"What's your top tip to help student/graduate applications stand out?"
"Ashlyn, who’s on our tech grad programme – Transformation – says: - Be yourself and give it all you’ve got! Use your application as an opportunity to share all the great things you’ve achieved and don’t be afraid to show who you truly are."

"What does your Graduate Assessment Centre involve?"
"121 Interview, Group exercises, individual exercises and a virtual reality exercise too."

"How would you describe a typical day/week on the graduate programme?"
"It really depends on the programme – get an insight from our graduate stories at www.lloydsbankinggrouptalent.com "

"Did you have any worries before joining the graduate programme?"
"Ashley, from our Community Banking Grad scheme says - my biggest concern was logistics, as it’s expected you’ll be flexible on location. I realised that there is a huge amount of support in place to help you. I’ve worked in London & B’ham when required, & from home when I need to."

"What aspect of the programme have you enjoyed the most?"
"Ashley says - On my first day I was stood a few feet away from our CEO António Horta-Osório as he delivered a speech to the new graduates! That’s just an example of the level of exposure you get to leaders."

"How do you think the graduate programme will help with your future career?"
"Ashley says - It is such a great opportunity to learn lots in a short space of time. You work across multiple areas, build a network, and gain experience in a variety of roles."

"Why did you choose LBG?"
"Elizabeth, from our commercial banking scheme says - I wanted to work with clients and I was attracted by the rotational nature of the scheme. Having no financial background I didn’t fully get the role – but I knew that I would be challenged, stretched & would learn a lot – which was all true!"

"Can I apply if I don't have any experience or background in Finance?"
"Elizabeth says - Don’t worry if you have no banking experience – I studied Geography and spent my summers working at a summer camp before joining LBG."

"When do applications close to all your graduate and intern opportunities?"
"28th Feb, or before then if they become full, so apply early to not miss out!"

Lloyds Banking Group still have opportunities in both graduate and internship programmes open - check out all programmes here: www.lloydsbankinggrouptalent.com/ 

Hurry - applications close Thursday 28th February!


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