Meet Anna: An Apprentice at KPMG

Meet Anna: An Apprentice at KPMG

Monday, 14th of March

Meet Anna: An Apprentice at KPMG

Hello, I’m Anna.

This is how I joined the KPMG360° apprenticeship programme.

When at school, I always thought I’d go to university. I sent my application, accepted an offer and arranged accommodation.

Yet, over a year later I’m sitting in a KPMG office and I couldn’t be happier.  

So why the big change?

Once my university offer was accepted I thought about what I really wanted. Since I disliked writing essays and ‘textbook learning’, I looked into alternative options to see if I could become an accountant without a degree. Many firms offer this route, but didn’t allow me to experience Tax, Audit and Advisory. Then I heard about the KPMG360° programme. 

I realised this would allow me to experience major departments within KPMG. I’d gain on the job experience and communicate with high-profile clients. At the end of the apprenticeship I’d have 6 years’ work experience, become a qualified accountant and be promoted to Assistant Manager.

I’ve been on the programme for six months and I’m so pleased I took this route. I’ve sat-in on important calls, drafted e-mails for clients and met some incredibly welcoming people. I’ve been given challenging work to make a positive contribution to my team, and learnt key technical knowledge.

There’s not been a day I regret withdrawing my university offer.

To find out more about KPMG360° click here. If you’re in Year 12 or S5, take the first steps towards a 2017 position and apply now to KPMG Discovery, our summer work experience programme.   



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