Meet Goda, a recent graduate who joined Arriva's Graduate Scheme through MyKindaFuture!!

Meet Goda, a recent graduate who joined Arriva's Graduate Scheme through MyKindaFuture!!

Monday, 23rd of October

Meet Goda ┼Żukaityte, a former student at Lancaster University and now recently joined Arriva's Graduate Scheme. She talks about her experience of final year, her application process with MyKindaFuture and what it's like at Arriva now!

Q. How did you hear about the Arriva Graduate Scheme?

I found the Arriva Graduate Scheme on the Lancaster University website. The job listing was the first time I considered Arriva as an employer, and was amazed by the size of the company, and opportunities it has to offer in Marketing. 

Q. What attracted you to the programme?

For me, the most appealing part of the programme was the variety of tasks the job involves - from working with local charities, to production of timetables and work in country-wide projects. I was immediately drawn to this, as just like many of my uni friends, I loved Marketing, but had no idea which areas I enjoyed the most and was good at! 

Q. Have you always wanted to work in Marketing?

It's been my dream to work in Marketing since I was in school - I love the balance of creative work and the more 'serious', reliable aspects of it. It's so much fun working on projects for some time before releasing them to the public and seeing their reaction, I love surprising people and seeing the impact of our work.

Q. How long have you been in the role now?

I've been in the role for 2.5 months now

Q. What are the highlights so far?

The main highlight so far was definitely the Arriva Beatles buses project - I worked on the very last part of it, and it has been quite challenging at times, but seeing how stunning all four of them looked driving into the depot for the photoshoot was absolutely amazing. It's been over a month since their release, and I still get excited every time I see one of them driving past!

Q. What are the biggest challenges of the role so far?

There's so much to learn! From names, roles and faces, to certain laws, and processes. I find myself having no idea what I'm doing at times! The good thing is knowing there's so many people around me with great knowledge, who are always willing to help.

Q. What’s the best thing about working at Arriva?

Definitely the people - I asked this question a few people in the assessment centre, the interview and during my time here and I am yet to hear a different answer! It's fantastic knowing there's always someone there to help, learn from and have a laugh with.  

Q. How did you find the application process?

As most graduates, I filled many many application forms and tests, the process is never fun. However, this was really as painless as it gets - there's plenty of information online, the expectations are clear and MyKindaFuture made it clear they are always willing to help. Moreover, Arriva has really made an effort to accommodate the applicants and make us feel welcome and at ease.

Q. What was your experience of MyKindaFuture?

Fantastic! The ladies I had the pleasure to deal with were so welcoming, friendly and nice. I felt their support and it was nice to have a chat with someone who really showed they care :) 

Q. Any advice to students going into their final year and looking for a graduate role?

I never really believed when hearing this, but you will find something amazing! It will definitely be hard, but worth it - make sure the place you are applying is what suits you and try to enjoy your final year!

Click here to take a look deeper into Arriva and see if there is an opportunity for you. 

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