Meet Naz, a recent grad who is now in a Ring-Fencing Managerial role at HSBC!

Meet Naz, a recent grad who is now in a Ring-Fencing Managerial role at HSBC!

Tuesday, 24th of October

Name: Naz Kausar

Role: Ring-Fencing Manager

University: Birmingham City University

Degree: BA (Hons) Sociology and Psychology

I started my journey with HSBC in November 2013, after two years working for the organisation I decided to join the RBWM Graduate programme in Aug 2016.  Prior to joining the Graduate programme I worked in the branch network and the Regional team. The Regional role enabled me to showcase my strengths, build my confidence and gave me exposure to a variety of stakeholders through the projects I got involved in. I built my stakeholder management skills, met some amazing managers who truly believed in my abilities and supported me with my development. Based on my experience I knew I wanted to persue my career with HSBC so decided to join the RBWM Graduate programme. I was confident that it would be an amazing platform for me to learn/grow, enhance and develop further skills, which would ultimately support me on my development journey.

I did my first placement (customer-facing) at Leicester Clock Tower branch. This role allowed me to refresh my knowledge of the branch operating rhythm and gain an insight into branch life from a managerial perspective.  I got the opportunity to work on a project, engage with our customer and witness first-hand the role our front-line teams undertake on a daily basis. I got the opportunity to make tangible contributions to various aspects of the branch and got the chance to build some amazing relationships with the team.

I completed my second placement (Leadership) at Derby St Peters street branch and it was completely different from my first placement. Having witnessed the challenges managers face in the branch network I was under no doubt that this environment would be best for me to learn those vital leadership skills.  I line managed five Senior Customer Service Officers who were very experienced in their roles and had been working with HSBC for a number of years. This opportunity allowed me to learn the ability of adapt my leadership styles based on the situation at hand, which proved very pivotal in the branch network.  I learnt the key to building successful relationships with my team, and the skill of balancing my own workload whilst supporting my team effectively.

My current role is a Ring-Fencing Manager. I’m very fortunate to be involved in a once in a life time project with a team who is responsible for creating the new Ring-Fenced bank. In my current role I work in a team responsible for people/culture and Birmingham. This role allows me to build on my strengths on a people perspective, provides me with exposure to a variety of stakeholder and most importantly, I have the autonomy to introduce new initiatives to improve our culture and support our people in Birmingham. I know for certain this placement will definitely be a unique and holistic experience and I’m very fortunate to be given this opportunity.

What skills/strengths you think are key to be successful in HSBC?

You need to have great interpersonal skills, you will meet so many different people throughout your career and it’s important that you build relationships and maintain them.  The people you’ll meet during your time on the graduate programme will be the people who’ll support you at some point in your career.

Be open-minded, you’ll be presented with so many different opportunities/challenges, be brave and confident enough to step out of your comfort zone and grasp every opportunity which comes your way.

Hint and tips from a grad's perspective

Focus on your own development journey and what you want to get out of your time on the graduate scheme. You’ll have the autonomy to drive your own performance, make the most of the opportunity and strive to achieve your goals.

Don’t ever limit place limits on yourself or doubt your capabilities, everyone has different strengths, use yours to your advantage and strive to develop the things you aren’t so good at. Remember, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. 

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