Meet Rebecca from Lloyds Banking Group's women's network, 'Breakthrough'

Meet Rebecca from Lloyds Banking Group's women's network, 'Breakthrough'

Friday, 10th of March

Meet Rebecca from Lloyds Banking Group's women's network, 'Breakthrough'

Meet Rebecca who has been a part of Lloyds Banking Group for 18 months after graduating Northumbria University with a degree in Law. Rebecca joined the Mortgage Transformation Graduate Programme within Lloyds, which has seen her exposed to many opportunities and also has become part of Breakthrough - an award-winning women's network built by Lloyds with 15,000 members and 4,000 mentors. In 2016, Breakthrough held over 50 events on career development and mentoring, supporting female employees and gender diversity in the workplace.

We asked Rebecca about her experience with Breakthrough so far...

What is your role in Breakthrough?

My role in Breakthrough is as Graduate Working Party Lead, this is a group of Graduates and recent Alumni who work to increase Graduate participation within Breakthrough. As part of this I have also picked up responsibility to face into the Careers and Life Stages Workstream which focuses on supporting Women at key points in their career and life

What kind of things have you done with Breakthrough so far?

  • Supporting the organization of the 2015/16 Recognition Event, and beginning the planning for the 2016/17 event to recognize achievements and contributions of members throughout the previous year.
  • Beginning to form plans to increase graduate involvement
  • Organizing Graduate specific Breakthrough Comms to encourage more graduates to join Breakthrough and make them aware of the work and opportunities offered by Breakthrough
  • Supporting Careers fairs
  • Supporting Graduate and Intern induction events
  • Supporting finding Graduate Mentors for High School students looking at university

What are your highlights of working with Breakthrough?

For me, the highlight every year is organizing the recognition event. Not only are people thankful that their efforts are recognized but it is clear that they genuinely do it for the love of it and their belief in the Network. Looking back on the great achievements of the previous year always fills me with a great sense of pride to work for and organization such a LBG

How can Breakthrough contribute to helping LBG achieve our 40% aim of female senior leaders?

There are several ways in which Breakthrough supports this aim:

  • Events on topics such as confidence, career progression and balancing work and home life all encourage women to push for the promotion they want and deserve
  • Mentoring – having a Breakthrough mentoring database allows mentors and mentees; the mentoring stream also hold some great speed-networking events
  • Advocacy – the key thing about inclusion is that it involves everybody; anyone can join Breakthrough and a key factor to achieving the aim will be everyone being supportive of the journey The most recent advocacy campaign seeks to achieve this and include all colleagues, regardless of gender, in the support of Breakthrough

How has Breakthrough contributed to LBG becoming a top employer for women?

Breakthrough works for an inclusive workplace where opportunity is not denied from anyone; working to push boundaries and change policies that could disadvantage women has been key to supporting LBG in becoming a top employer for women.


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