MVF: How to handle a rejection after an interview

MVF: How to handle a rejection after an interview

Monday, 21st of January

Dealing with rejection is never easy and when it’s for the job you have your mind set on, it can be even harder. At MVF we have lots of amazing candidates come through the door but unfortunately, we can’t always offer them the role. However, rejection from a role isn’t always a bad thing and we want to help you understand why…

After being rejected from a role it is a really good time reflect on how much you actually wanted that particular role. When graduation is fast approaching and panic can often prompt you to apply, apply, apply without really knowing what you are applying to or why you are applying to it but this can become evident in a job interview if you don’t understand the business, the industry or the role. A lack of passion or enthusiasm can be evident in an interview however, if that is the case, a rejection would actually more beneficial to you. It would be pointless starting a role that you would eventually realise you didn’t want and the job search starts all over again. However, if you are rejected from the job you really wanted and you are passionate about getting into that role or company there are ways of using a rejection to your advantage.

First and foremost, the best skill you can equip yourself with whilst interviewing is resilience and a large part of this is knowing not to take a rejection personally. There are so many factors that affect the outcome of an interview and as long as you have prepared sufficiently, you can put your mind at ease knowing you’ve done everything you can. Once you have processed the news make sure to ask for feedback if the company have not given you it already. Feedback is an opportunity to gather actions you can take to make sure you are the perfect candidate the next time you apply.

Take away tips of steps you can take to turn a rejection to your advantage:

  • Don’t take it personally.
  • As questions such as “are there any courses or books you would suggest that would develop the skills I require?” and action any suggestions.
  • Recruitment teams tend to be very busy so if you can’t catch them try to organise a 5 or 10 minute phone call to run through feedback
  • Use any highlighted strengths from feedback to your advantage in future interviews
  • Ask if there are any other vacancies that they feel you would be suitable for.
  • Remain resilient and know that you will end up where you are meant to be!

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