MVF shares tips on knuckling down over Christmas whilst looking after your wellbeing!

MVF shares tips on knuckling down over Christmas whilst looking after your wellbeing!

Thursday, 14th of December

As the Christmas break approaches, exams and applications will probably be the last thing on your mind! But now is the time to get the groundwork done in order to prepare for success…

  • Make sure you update your CV. Ensure that you include all relevant work experience, qualifications and contact details.
  • Start familiarising yourself with the different application processes. Have a look at mock interview questions, video interview questions and the various stages in assessment centres.
  • Find out when application deadlines are. Many are earlier than you imagine!
  • Research relevant work experience and/or qualifications. For example if you’re interested in Digital Marketing you can become Google Adwords certified in your own time, or take the free Google Garage course.

When it comes to exam time, MVF’s Health & Wellbeing Advisor, Hannah Meredith, recommends the following:

  • Stick to a revision routine and make sure you factor in breaks for exercise, fresh air and relaxation. We recommend 10 minutes break for every hour.
  • Don’t revise right up to bedtime. Switch off before bed with a bath or watching something you enjoy .
  • Make sure you eat breakfast and include lots of leafy green veg and foods rich in omegas such as oily fish. Snack on blueberries and nuts rather than sugary foods.
  • If you feel yourself getting anxious, take a break and some deep breaths. YouTube offers a great variety of different meditation or yoga videos. Or alternatively, take a herbal tea break with friends.
  • If you feel very anxious try to talk it through with someone or check out and


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