MVF: What do we look for/avoid on your CV and application?

MVF: What do we look for/avoid on your CV and application?

Monday, 13th of November

MVF: What do we look for/avoid on your CV and application?

Employers look at thousands of CV’s per week, so it is important to ask: what really makes someone’s CV jump out, and for the employer to pick up that phone? 

First and foremost, you must understand the role that you are applying for, a lot of times people apply for roles without reading over the job description, if you are a graduate, we do not expect you to know exactly how to do it. Although, you must show that you are interested in the career path that this job can offer. It is easy when applying for jobs to apply for everything you see in the hope that something sticks. Have a read through the skills required and think to yourself, can I see myself writing articles every day or entering data into a database everyday – if you do not enjoy doing those things now, you never will! 

When looking through CV’s, it important for someone to use their CV to tell a story and paint a picture of who that person is, what has led them to apply for this role and where do they see themselves in the future? A good introductory summary is always important because this gives you the chance to sell your soft skills, are you passionate about becoming a leader, do you enjoy teamwork? It is important to add in your personal summary that if you volunteer outside of work, have travelled, learnt a language to add how these experiences have shaped you as a person.
Be consistent! Use the same font throughout, it is hard to take a CV seriously if it says “has a meticulous eye for detail” with basic grammatical, spelling or formatting errors.  As a graduate, employers like to see that you draw from your experience and show why you want this career, and how you will add value to their company. Even if you are not sure what you want yet, try to show that you do! 

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