Winners' Story: My Community Challenge with HSBC

Winners' Story: My Community Challenge with HSBC

Thursday, 25th of August

Winners' Story: My Community Challenge with HSBC

I entered the My Community Challenge as I thought that it was a good opportunity for me to spread awareness about the importance of first aid and possibly win some money for my school's First Aid Club. The application process was very quick and easy, which made entering the competition straightforward and favourable.

Soon after I applied, I received an email saying that I was one of the chosen finalists for the competition. I was delighted as the final was being held at HSBC's head quarters at Canary Wharf and as a finalist, I was guaranteed a week's work experience at my local HSBC branch. Before the final, I had to prepare a short presentation about why the competition was important to me and why I should win the prize money. 

On the day of the final, I was both excited and nervous about the competition. However, any nerves that I did have soon disappeared when I was greeted by Edyta from HSBC and Mary from MyKindaFuture. They were both very friendly and gave me a run through of the itinerary for the day ahead. After being given a tour of the different sections within HSBC, it was time for our presentations, which was followed by lunch. The final competition was both very enjoyable and informative, so I was able to improve and take away new skills from my experience. 

A week after the competition, I received an email saying that I was chosen as the winner. I was delighted to be chosen as the winner as it meant that I could use the prize money to improve my school's First Aid Club and raise awareness of the importance of first aid.

Since the final competition, I enjoyed work experience at my local HSBC branch, which was part of the competition prize. I am truly grateful for the opportunities that I have been given through the My Community Challenge and would definitely recommend entering the challenges.

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