My experience of Deloitte's London Insight Day

My experience of Deloitte's London Insight Day

Monday, 12th of March

A few days ago, I attended an Insight Day at Deloitte’s London office. I am a 2nd Year BSc Political Economy student at King’s College London and in this blog article, I will talk about my journey from not knowing what the heck an ‘Insight Day’ is, to getting a meaningful experience of attending one at Deloitte. Although I will write mainly about my experience at Deloitte's Insight Day, you will find some tips which can be relevant to any Insight Day. Hope you enjoy reading it and find it useful!

What is an Insight Day and applying for one

Let’s rewind back a couple of weeks, I was applying for some internship opportunities and I realised that it was quite hard for me express, in my application, the passion and excitement for the company and the work they do when in fact, I have never been to their office, talked to people who work there, understand the work culture or see first-hand the work involved in the role I am applying for. I wondered if there was a ‘taster’ about working at a company. As I googled that, I found that there is something like that and it is called an ‘Insight Day’. I applied to Deloitte Insight Day on the MyKindaFuture website.It is a very simple and quick process. On the form, I was asked some general details about me, what do I hope to gain from an Insight Day and why do I want to go to the Deloitte Insight Day, in particular. I also attached my CV to the form. The next day, I received a phone interview call from a contact agent at MyKindaFuture and we chatted for around 15-minutes casually about why I chose to study Political Economy, why did I want to study at King’s College London and what are my extracurricular interests. It was a very light conversation and the agent asked me if I was comfortable talking at that time, which is very nice. At the end our conversation, she told me she will send me an email confirmation of securing a place at the event with all the relevant information. Voila!

Preparation before the Insight Day

A few days before the event, being the annoyingly-always-preparing-in-advance person I am, I started researching on ‘How to make the most out of an Insight Day?’. After reading several blogs and reviews online, talking to a careers consultant at my uni and talking to friends, I found out that everyone has a different answer to the question, mainly because everyone has a different objective when attending an Insight Day. The first step to answering that question is to find out what is your goal for the Insight Day. Do you want to go home with information about the opportunities to work at the company and how to send an application which has the highest chance of success? Do you want to meet new people and build your network? Do you simply want to learn what working in different departments in the company is like in terms of work-life balance, client facetime, type of projects etc? Or is it a combination of one or more of these objectives? Whatever it is, a good starting point for preparation is to check out the company website and make a list of all the questions you want to ask the representatives, which will allow you to meet your objective. For me, I wanted to know what exactly does the life of a consultant, or an advisor at Deloitte looks like and I am so delighted to say that there was plenty of opportunities for me to find out that at the actual Insight Day.

Importance of having extra time on hand and dressing appropriately

Before I start with what happened on the actual Insight Day, a quick mention of the importance of having some extra time on hand and dressing appropriately. When I reached the area where Deloitte’s office is located, I realised the significance of being a little early. If I didn’t have those extra 30 minutes, I would have been late since there were many buildings of Deloitte and I checked in 3 different buildings before I found the right one. Secondly, you need to wear something professional, especially if you are planning to apply for a graduate programme or internship at the company. Don’t be afraid to get that smart blazer out! I am not saying that you should wear a black tie, but you definitely don’t want to be the one guy or girl in a slouchy t-shirt and jeans.

Events of the actual Insight Day

Now I am quickly going to run through the events of the day so that you have an idea about what to expect on an Insight Day, but note that no two Insight Days are going to be exactly similar. I was in the afternoon session, so my day started with a networking lunch. During the lunch, I got a chance to talk to representatives from different departments. This was my favourite thing in the whole event because I got a chance to directly talk to Deloitte employees and ask them questions. I will advise you to make the most of any opportunity like this you might get and not be afraid to be inquisitive. Remember that the representatives are there to give you an insight into the working at the company and more often than not, people like talking about their career and work, especially if they are enjoying it!

Then, we were seated in groups of five and after a short ice-breaker session, we had a workshop run by MyKindaFuture on developing interview skills. This workshop covered things like how questions are determined, body language, how to use words for maximum impact and what fillers can be used. After this, a representative from the recruitment department outlined all the different schemes and opportunities available for people interested in joining Deloitte. This was followed by a detailed explanation of the selection process. We were also allowed to ask questions about the recruitment process. This is a very useful section of the event for those who want to join the company, so make sure that you are fully attentive and take notes for your future reference. After that, there was a brief presentation by MyKindaFuture on ‘Innovating your CV’.

Last but not the least, we had two team challenges. Our first team challenge involved the ‘One Million Futures Challenge’. We were asked to create a verbal presentation of how we propose to help one million people achieve their dreams. Our team worked on a proposal to increase access to better work opportunities for people from BAME backgrounds and we gave a 5-minute presentation on the same. The representatives gave everyone general feedback at the end about our ideas and presentations. The second challenge involved the Curiosity Box- a series of 5 logical problems and riddles with four minutes for each one. This was a very fun exercise and helped us learn how to cooperate under stressful conditions.

In overall, I would say the Insight Day not only helped me learn more about consultancy and Deloitte but also gave me an opportunity to develop my transferable career skills such as interviewing, commercial awareness, networking, communication, problem-solving and so on. I definitely recommend it to everyone who is new to a particular sector or company and is interested in getting more information before making a big career decision. It can look daunting to go to a company, talk to employees with a lot of experience and get involved in group exercises but remember that Insight Days are not assessment centres, you are not going to be judged, it is a way for you to know the company and the sector better and find out whether it is right for you and if you do think so, then get an insight into the recruitment process.

Pooja Sajanani, King's College London

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