MyKindaCrowd Summer Winners!!

MyKindaCrowd Summer Winners!!

Tuesday, 11th of September

MyKindaCrowd Summer Winners!!


Over the summer here at MyKindaCrowd HQ, our little elves have been very busy getting some great business on board to reward our fantastic students for their hardwork and creativity!

In the meantime, we had some mini challenges for our students before school/college started again.

Firstly we had a bust-a-rhyme challenge, where students devised a short rhyme or song describing their summer in as creative a way as possible, and we offered a FREE 3-month subscription to Spotify Premium for the winner to enjoy for the summer! So, our wonderful winners were handpicked and we chose Esther Olu and Vanessa Louise! They created a lovely video and a rocking rhyme!

We then had a the 'sauce competition'. We had many entries and it was difficult to pick a winner but in the end we chose a well deserved winner, Ryan Hewett who created a lovely rooster on a farm. He used a mix of tasty sauces such as mayonnaise, marmite and even green thai sauce! We supplied Ryan with a years worth of his favorites sauce which was a whopping 12 bottles of JD sauce!

Next, we ran the 'Caption Competition' in which students created a funny caption or tagline for one of the pictures we supplied. Our inventive winning captions came from Olly Reid and Verity Thomas!

We also ran additional challenges from Shaeffer, in which students put their best idea's pen to paper and told us about their career idol. This was a fantastic challenge and our winners are already meeting with their inspiring idols. Our winner, Thomas Rule, has already met with Robert Deas and top visual effects creator from Double Negative who have worked on major blockbusters such  as Harry Potter and the Dark Knight Rises!



We also have, Megan Chrise-Kerr, who is to meet with Professor Rosalie Ferner, and Ilham Abumaye who will meet with the staff of Great Ormond Street Hospital.

McDonalds also teamed up with us and set a challenge in which students came up with idea's on new technology that could bring the dining experience of 2020 to 2012. We had some great inventive idea's, with the winners being"¦Ryan Hewett, Vanessa Louise, Esther Olu and Scarlett Jenkins! .The winning students will have the opportunity for a day's work experience at McDonalds HQ in London!

Logica set a challenge where students suggested practical ways in which society might use information and data in the future to reduce carbon emissions, improve sustainability and help avoid some of the unpleasant consequences of global warming. We had some great responses and the winner chosen was Victoria Kio! Victoria has been invited work with Logica's innovation and technology team to evaluate and develop her idea into a real piece of technology!

IOD (Institute of Directors) challenged students to create a web based concept that would be valuable and beneficial to the IoD Student Members. The web based platform could have promoted  engagement and interaction between the IoD existing members and students. We had two lucky winners who were Paul Fenton Villar and Lewis Patten. The top 3 were awarded complimentary pairs of tickets to a prestigious IoD event and the identification of and introduction to a personal Mentor to support their professional next steps. The ultimate winner was invited to help enact their big idea with a work placement at the IoD in their London headquarters!

Our other challenges with James Caan and Fijistu were a great success and we are still awaiting the winners, these will be announced soon!

We have had a lot of fun providing our students with these exciting challenges and are thrilled to be working with some great business with even more fantastic challenges coming your way.

Thank you to all those students who entered our challenges and we hope you keep entering, every challenge is your chance to shine!


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