MyKindaFuture and Rolls Royce - Outstanding Supplier Contribution Award 2017

MyKindaFuture and Rolls Royce - Outstanding Supplier Contribution Award 2017

Wednesday, 3rd of May

MyKindaFuture and Rolls-Royce - Outstanding Supplier Contribution Award 2017

We're so excited to announce that our collaboration with Rolls-Royce has been shortlisted for the Outstanding Supplier Contribution Award 2017.

Apprentice recruitment represents a significant proportion of Rolls-Royce’s annual intake of young people (c 25%) and, within this, the Higher Apprenticeships (‘c60 in 2016) are a particular priority. The high volumes of applications received to date have predominantly been for Practical and Technical Advanced Apprentices, with not enough of the ‘right calibre’ Higher Apprentice candidates coming through via traditional attraction activity. As the competition for talent continues to grow, along with the challenge of attracting candidates with STEM skills, there was a recognised need to do more – and something different. 

Rolls-Royce sought to bring innovation to their Higher Apprentice recruitment activity, to engage, inform and inspire, as well as attract a broader range of young people from more diverse groups. In addition to driving awareness of the programmes, they wanted to improve the conversion rates through the recruitment process. There was recognition that more support for these young people – not familiar with typical assessment activities – could make a significant difference. 

Other challenges:
– Specifically promoting the Higher Apprenticeship route to top A-level students whose predicted grades could get them into most universities in the UK.

– Attracting and engaging a broad talent pool of young people to improve the diversity of the apprentice population.

– Supporting and developing all applicants to maximise their potential, regardless of their background and whether they went on to secure a role on an apprentice programme or not.

– The importance of ‘influencers’ (parents and teachers) to young people’s choices and success

MyKindaFuture recognised that these diverse groups may not typically consider the apprenticeship route, particularly within STEM and the engineering sector.

MyKindaFuture worked with Rolls-Royce to devise a programme which was accessible, exciting and brought to life what the higher apprenticeship programmes involved. It also helped to promote the various careers available across seven different areas. This approach focused on ‘teach first, then assess’, with a series of upskilling interventions feeding into the recruitment process.

MyKindaFuture initially engaged with Heads of Year 13 and Careers Advisors in schools to promote the opportunity and gain insights as to how best to shape the events.

Successful students and their parents were given information about the programme at every step to ensure they were fully engaged and understood what was involved. This included inviting parents a long to a part of the events, resulting in their being more parents than young people in the room!

MyKindaFuture worked with Rolls-Royce to design the content of the events to ensure it reflected both the culture and values of the business, as well as informing and educating the young people.

Evaluation from the young people:

82% of respondents felt more confident about their career as a result of attending one of these events.

100% felt more confident about now pursuing a Higher Apprenticeship pathway.

77% felt more confident about the recruitment process.

Student comments:

“The tests prepared me and I now have a good insight. I really enjoyed the team activity and found all the sessions really informative.”

“We learned in great detail how Rolls-Royce works and what they offer to apprentices. Today, they let us talk to actual apprentices who showed us what they do on a daily basis.”

“It was really an advantage to me because I had to do a presentation, which I always shy away from. I am a better person now.”

The Future
For the 2017/18 academic year, Rolls-Royce and MyKindaFuture are extending the programme to reach six times more young people, covering their Bristol site in addition to Derby.

Lindsay Cotton – Early Careers Recruitment Consultant, Rolls-Royce
“MyKindaFuture have been a fantastic emerging talent partner for Rolls-Royce over the last twelve months. They have helped us effectively identify and attract young people into our business for our apprenticeship programmes and have done so in an extremely engaging and innovative way – bringing our business to life for this pool of future talent. MyKindaFuture’s strong network and relationships with schools has helped us efficiently promote the opportunities to teachers and students, whilst helping us build sustainable relationships close to our sites, that we will build on long-term. Their input into the design and structure of both the workshops and insight days has been invaluable, ensuring participants remain fully engaged throughout the process and have a strong understanding of what it takes to ‘get in and go far’ at Rolls-Royce.

We believe the benefits elicited from the programme have been multi-faceted. Although the overall objective was to recruit talent into our apprenticeships programme, participants were still able to benefit from invaluable employability training at these sessions and the opportunity to understand their own strengths and the skills required to succeed in business and engineering. The experience also enabled them to understand the breadth of opportunities available within Rolls-Royce and the manufacturing industry more broadly, and the numerous benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship programme.

The success of the programme in 2016 has been recognised across the organisation, with excellent feedback from Apprentice Development Leaders on the quality, focus and level of engagement from the MyKindaFuture apprentices. We are delighted to be extending the programme further in 17/18, working once again in partnership with MyKindaFuture.“


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