Nestlé Apprenticeships: The gateway to your superstar career

Nestlé Apprenticeships: The gateway to your superstar career

Monday, 14th of March

Nestlé Apprenticeships: The gateway to your superstar career

Nestlé Apprenticeships: The gateway to your superstar career

It’s National Apprenticeship Week, and right across the UK we’re seeing the positive impact that training and real on-the-job experience can make.

Apprenticeships really can take you anywhere. If you’ve just left school and want to earn while you learn, an apprenticeship at Nestlé is a great way to kick start your career.

Ignite your career

Our apprenticeships are a career-igniting combo of studying and hands-on involvement. Apprentices gain a range of experiences while working alongside – and learning from – Nestlé’s truly knowledgeable people. There’s serious financial reward on offer too; on top of an attractive salary package, apprentices who successfully complete training and achieve Nestlé standards are guaranteed to earn an annual increase in their pay.

We offer a wide range of schemes across our business. You could find yourself specialising in Engineering, Manufacturing, Process and Operations, or even getting to grips with the Finance, Customer Services, Communications and Quality Assurance departments at one of our offices worldwide.

Make an impact

It’s all about providing a real job, with real variety, from day one. A job that gives you the opportunity to get involved. A job that sees you experience the satisfaction of having a real impact in the business world.

As schemes progress, we see our apprentices become ever more confident and experienced. They’ve had access to all the resources and support they needed to achieve their potential – and before long they are jumping at the chance to take initiative and develop their skills even further independently.

Our apprentices’ long-term career development is central to everything we do. Whether you want to continue your studies or begin building a professional career with Nestlé straight away, we’ll endeavour to provide you with the support and funding you need when the apprenticeship is over.

How to apply

Like what you hear? Applying is simple. Head here to see all of the opportunities we currently have available. Each internship has different requirements, so be sure to check you’re applying for the one that is right for you and your skills.

The best way to see how you match up to our apprenticeships is to take our Academy quiz. Do you have what it takes to be successful at Nestlé?


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